MAY 31, 2018
Contact: Brian Snider,
Updated Instructor Resources: Textbook Images
Newcastle, WA-- Textbook image downloads for Volume's 1, 2, and 3 of The Pilot's Manual Series and William Kershner's The Student Pilot's Flight Manual have been updated to reflect the most current editions of the books in print. These download packages contain all the illustrations and figures from each textbook, for instructors' use in the classroom. The PowerPoint® slides make it easy for instructors to create their own custom multi-media presentations and to teach principles the students are reading in the book. Slides can be viewed collectively as a slideshow, or inserted as individual slides in a presentation.
Display the textbook images on a large screen or project them onto a wall during a lesson and students can follow along in their books. Utilize these visual aids to engage your students and to help them understand difficult subject matter.

Available as downloads only, Microsoft PowerPoint® viewer (PC), or PowerPoint® v12 or higher (Mac) required.
Textbook Images
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