Utah Voters Approve Medicaid Expansion Initiative
Proposition 3 is poised to pass with a nine-point margin, echoing years of public support and grassroots efforts
November 8, 2018

Matt Slonaker

SALT LAKE—Utah election results indicate that the Proposition 3 Medicaid expansion ballot initiative has been approved by a majority of 54% of voters.
(Final results will be officially certified on November 20th.)

This victory demonstrates the compassion and fiscal responsibility of Utahns.

Matt Slonaker, executive director of Utah Health Policy Project (UHPP), said of the results, "We have seen strong support behind Medicaid expansion in the public over the years, and this win confirms that once again-- only this time that support isn't just a poll result-- it's the law."

Since the summer of 2012, UHPP has worked on building a coalition of advocates, consumers, and policy experts focused on expanding Medicaid. That coalition deserves an immense amount of credit in this victory. We recognize the efforts of AARP Utah, Voices for Utah Children, Disability Law Center, Utah Support Advocates for Recovery Awareness (USARA), United Way Salt Lake, and many others, and we acknowledge their dedicated focus on expanding access to care for consumers in the coverage gap.

"There are tens of thousands of hardworking Utahns who have been waiting for this moment who can now look forward to having access to healthcare just a few months from now," said Stacy Stanford, UHPP health policy analyst. "As someone who spent years in the coverage gap, I can imagine what huge relief this is for so many of our low-income neighbors struggling with chronic physical and mental health issues, who will now finally be able to receive the care they need."

Proposition 3 will soon deliver healthcare to 150,000 Utahns who need it, with an implementation date scheduled for April 1st, 2019.

Utah Health Policy Project is grateful to Utahns who recognized that the Proposition 3 ballot initiative is the only way to avoid messy waivers and lawsuits, and instead focuses on providing lifesaving healthcare to people in need and returning $800 million we are losing each year back to our state.

Utahns recognize that spending one dollar to get nine dollars in matching federal funds is a great deal, and voters made it clear that an additional 15 cents on every $100 spent on non-food items is a worthwhile investment into the health and well-being of our communities.

The people have spoken, and we expect that the Utah legislature will respect tonight's results and appreciate the direction their constituents have taken, and we look forward to working toward implementation and enrollment as intended within the Proposition 3 legislation.

For more information:
Matt Slonaker, Executive Director

Stacy Stanford, Policy Analyst