New report from Families USA shows that Utah wastes $6.6 million per month due to lack of full Medicaid expansion

The state could cover three times as many people and still save
$1 million per month

September 10, 2019

SALT LAKE — A new report from Families USA, a leading national voice for health care consumers,   shows that Utah is wasting even more money under partial Medicaid expansion than initially reported.

On August 22nd, the Utah Department of Health reported that the state is paying an extra $2.5 million per month more than they would under the enhanced federal match rate. The analysis from Families USA shows that number was an understatement. Currently, Utah pays three times more than a full expansion deal: 32 cents on the dollar, instead of the 10 cent deal offered under full Medicaid expansion.

This report shows that even under a full expansion scenario that covers 60,000 more enrollees, the state would still save one million dollars per month due to the enhanced match rate.
“A thorough analysis of Utah’s financial projections shows an even bigger missed opportunity than previously thought,” said Joe Weissfeld, Director of Medicaid Initiatives at Families USA, a leading national voice for health care consumers. “Utah can cover three times as many people and save $1 million per month compared to what they are paying today. It is time to stop playing games and embrace full Medicaid expansion.”

"This analysis demonstrates, once again, that Proposition 3 was the most fiscally and morally responsible option for Utah's Medicaid expansion," said Stacy Stanford, health policy analyst at Utah Health Policy Project. "There are tens of thousands of our low-income neighbors locked out of affordable coverage, while Utah is wasting more than $6 million per month. The faster Utah's elected officials proceed with full Medicaid expansion, the faster we can start saving money, and start saving more lives."
Media contact:

Stacy Stanford
Health Policy Analyst
Utah Health Policy Project

Lisa Holland
Senior Communications Manager
Families USA

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