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June 6, 2016
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Wendy Long Releases 10-Point Contract With People of New York to Defeat Chuck Schumer

New York, New York - Wendy Long, the nominee for U. S. Senate of the Republican, Conservative, and Reform parties in New York to oppose incumbent U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) today released her 10-point Contract with New Yorkers pledging her positions on issues of importance to them.  The contract, published at, reads as follows:

I pledge to you, my fellow New Yorkers, that if elected I will:
1.  Term Limits, Anti-Lobbying, Anti-Corruption:  Self-term limit to no more than two terms, never lobby Congress for compensation afterwards, never act for the particular financial benefit of any campaign donor, and push term limit and anti-lobbying legislation to end the chokehold of career politicians in Washington.
2.  Trade:  Support policies that protect and create American jobs, and vote against multilateral trade agreements and treaties (such as NAFTA and TPP) that undermine American jobs and sovereignty.  
3.  Immigration:  Support a physical wall, virtual walls, and heightened immigration standards at all points of entry to secure our borders and ensure that each individual entering the U.S. is fully screened and has a valid reason for entry; support enforcement of the rule of law including deportation of persons illegally in the United States; vote against the Obama migrant resettlement program; support English as the only official language of the United States. 
4.  Education:  Work aggressively to end the federalization of American public education by eliminating Washington bureaucracy, killing Common Core and other national standards; support school choice (tax credits and vouchers); return education to parents and local control; introduce a bill forcing colleges to reduce tuition commensurate with the size of their endowments or lose federal support including tax-exempt status.
5.  Jobs, Wages, and Small Business:  Support tax reform that reduces rates on individuals and corporations, closes loopholes, and simplifies the tax code; vote to repeal Obamacare and replace it with market-based affordable, accessible health care without federal mandates; fight job-killing laws and regulations, support pro-growth regulatory reform for small business and community banks, and vote against corporate welfare and cronyism that benefits uncompetitive, politically connected big business.
6.  Constitution, Supreme Court, and Rule of Law:  Support the Constitution of the United States as written and ratified, vote to confirm originalist judges like Justice Clarence Thomas who have demonstrated faithfulness to judicial restraint, and work against judicial activists who use the courts as an unaccountable legislature; work to restore and protect religious liberty, Judeo-Christian culture, and the sanctity and dignity of human life; and promote respect and honor for our men and women in law enforcement.
7.  Right to Keep and Bear Arms:  Support the unfettered right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment.
8.  Military:  Support rebuilding our military into an overwhelming American force to pursue peace through strength; commit to total victory over Islamic terror and jihad and to preventing a nuclear Iran; and support reform of the VA to eliminate corruption and incompetence and deliver to our veterans the quality and speed of health care that they deserve.
9.  Budget and Debt:  Oppose any further increases in the national debt ceiling; oppose omnibus spending bills; introduce legislation mandating that  Senators and Congressmen forfeit their salaries if they do not pass a balanced budget in separate appropriations bills with individual votes each year. 
10.  Infrastructure and Energy:  Support the rebuilding of our crumbling American infrastructure and pursue market-based American energy independence.
The founders of this country created it by pledging to each other their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.  To help President Trump restore it, I pledge the same to you.