Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2020
Your Absentee Ballot is Secure!
Absentee Voting is a two-step process ….
First, complete and file an application with your local city or township clerk.
Then, once the application is received the clerk will issue an absentee ballot. 

You can do both steps AND vote your ballot all in one visit to your local clerk’s office. Prior to Monday, Nov. 2 the voter also has the option of taking their absentee ballot home to vote it; and then return it to their local clerk before 8 p.m. on Election Day.

In either case, the voter will SEAL their own ballot in to the green Official Ballot Return Envelope and SIGN the envelope in their own handwriting. 

Only the voter, a family member or person residing in your household, a mail carrier, or election official is authorized to deliver your signed absent voter ballot envelope to your local city or township clerk’s office.

Once returned to your local city or township clerk, the signature on the envelope will be verified to the signature on file. The envelope will stay sealed until Election Day when ballots will be processed and tallied with all other absentee ballots. All votes from absentee ballots will be included in the Unofficial Election Night Results!

You may be wondering ‘Where do I take my ballot?’ You will need to return your absentee ballot envelope to the same local city or township clerk’s office that sent the ballot to you. Their address is printed on the return envelope. If this address is a Post Office Box, then refer to the Office address below.

As we draw close to Election Day, it is recommended that you return your absentee ballot envelope right away to your local city or township clerk’s drop box or office.

All drop boxes in Calhoun County are conveniently located at city and township offices; they are clearly labeled, securely locked, well-lit with good visibility, and regularly emptied by authorized staff. Many use video monitoring to keep the area secure.

Be certain you take your ballot to the correct Drop Box! Click here to see a list of all drop box locations in Calhoun County.
For information, contact
Chief Deputy Clerk of Elections, Teri Loew
Telephone: 269.781.0988

Marshall Office
315 W Green St., Marshall, MI 49068
Telephone: 269-781-0707
Fax: 269-781-0721
Clerk and Register of Deeds/Election Services

Battle Creek Office
161 E Michigan Ave., Battle Creek, MI 49014
Clerk's Office Telephone: 269-969-6908
Circuit Court Clerk's Office Telephone: 269-969-6518