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NEW Jumper Cuff™ – Temporary Jumper Holder
Utility Solutions Inc. introduces a new Jumper Holder for overhead distribution.
Hickory, NC - December 15, 2020 - Utility Solutions, Inc. unveiled a new hotline tool last week; the Jumper Cuff™ – Temporary Jumper Holder. The patent-pending Jumper Cuff™ is a temporary mechanical jumper holder for overhead conductors. It reduces the risk of uncontrolled jumpers and keeps lineworkers outside of MAD (minimum approach distance).

We know of several customers who use rope now to secure jumpers”, said Roger May, Sales Director at Utility Solutions, Inc. “Their work methods require them to secure jumper heads and prevent them swinging uncontrolled or falling into another phase. Our new Jumper Cuff™ is a better alternative than rope and adds many other benefits.

The Jumper Cuff™ is an addition to several temporary mechanical holders already in USI’s catalog. Each is made from a heavy-duty polymer, specifically designed for outdoor rugged applications. “The goal is to both maintain control of a jumper while also protecting the outer insulation. Using tape, rope or other abrasive materials can degrade the integrity of jumpers.”, said Jon Spencer, Engineer and Product Manager for USI.

The unique design of the Jumper Cuff™ includes opposing hooks which are flared at the end to allow the holder to slide over a temporary jumper, bare conductors, or line hose. The V-notch grabs the outer insulation of a jumper to prevent sliding. Lineworkers will often use a shotgun stick to both attach and remove the Jumper Cuff™ from a safe distance.

This was one of the first projects I was involved in since starting at USI”, said Zach Greer, engineer. “I was able to work with customers directly and hear their concerns. I especially enjoyed the drop testing we did here at our test facility.

The USA made Jumper Cuff™ – Temporary Jumper Holder (USJH-003) is available now and is being targeted to overhead distribution utilities and contractors. More information is available online at
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