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Waldorf Students Write Their Way to Iceland
NEWTOWN – June 8, 2021

The 7th and 8th graders at the Housatonic Valley Waldorf School of Newtown, Connecticut have created a collaborative teen mystery book. Funds from the sale of the book will go towards the Class of 2022's class trip.

The book takes place on the fictional Myrefall Island, off of the coast of Maine. In the book, eight friends must race against the clock in order to find a missing child before the day is over. The story is chock full of hilarious humor, blossoming friendships, and of course mystery. This book is truly enjoyable, whether you are 9 or 15 years of age. 

The students agree that this project was the perfect dose of fiction they needed this year. “It was a great experience for me as a teenager to have,” says 13-year old Solana Barnes. Another member of the 7th grade stated that writing the book was “a fresh break from reality.” Sometimes, creating your own world is the best way to find a new perspective on this one.

The 7th graders are planning to go to Iceland in May 2022. In order to do that, they must raise enough money to pay for the trip. This writing project is one of several fundraisers they are promoting to help them meet their goal of $10,000. Due to the pandemic, there was no 8th grade class trip this year and the 8th grade portion of the proceeds will support the school's ongoing initiative to continue adding new, diverse books to the school’s library.

The students are self-publishing the book through Amazon. Additionally, they will be selling signed copies at Byrd's Book's table at the Bethel sidewalk sale on July 17, 2021.
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