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February 7, 2013-San Diego, CA - Now in it's seventh year of operation, the non-profit group Charity Wings is getting ready to expand its ongoing support for a number of charitable causes that work to save our pets, save our planet, and save our lives.


This grassroots organization is developing plans to open a very special community art center in San Diego County this spring that will be filled with classrooms, open studios, and art galleries. The center will be home to inspiring art classes and exciting events for their paid membership and the community at large. 


What makes the center and its staff of volunteers so special? It's how they plan to reach out to help people in need all over the world. The center will be equipped with live-streaming webcast technology to bring free art classes and events to people wherever an internet connection is possible...people who would especially benefit from experiencing the joy of creativity. Non-profits who serve children and adults faced with life-threatening illnesses, victims of domestic violence, foster children, as well as low-income after-school programs are just some of the groups who will have free access to the center's array of programs.


This will be an exciting opportunity for businesses, artists and families in San Diego county to come together-not only to enjoy learning new artistic skills, but also to take advantage of a unique opportunity to give back and help others who desperately need an outlet for creative expression, as well as the hope and healing that only art can provide.

"Everyone has the desire to do something to help others, but it can be a challenge to figure out what to do and how to do it," says Charity Wings founder, Elena Lai Etcheverry. "My goal with Charity Wings and the Art Center has always been to provide the platform and make it more personally enjoyable and rewarding to volunteer your time and donate your money to good causes. We produce dozens of great events, classes and many other programs for those who give every year."    

Local businesses and/or individuals who would like to contribute to the success of the Charity Wings Art Center are encouraged to contact Ms. Etcheverry to review the business plan. Her organization is currently seeking assistance with obtaining free or low-cost commercial space (2000-5000 sq. ft.), as well as general equipment and supplies.



About Charity Wings


Charity Wings is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that raises money and awareness for other non-profits though arts and crafts-related events.  It is largely supported by the generous in-kind donations from manufacturers and designers in the craft industry. Charity Wings hosts and sponsors fundraising events across the country, including but not limited to art gatherings, scrapbooking crops, raffles and auctions (on and offline), and mixed media workshops and retreats. When people donate their money and/or time in support of Charity Wings, it's for the benefit of a variety of designated charitable organizations such as humane animal shelters, cancer research, and veteran's organizations.



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