For Immediate Release
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Robb Thompson
Principal, Boise High School

Boise High School’s 5th Annual Summit - “Justice for All”

When & Where:
Boise, Idaho - March 21, 2018- 8:20 a.m. to 3:07 p.m.
Boise High School, 1010 W. Washington St., Boise

Who & What: Students Take Social Action
Boise High School Summits are student led, project-based, inquiry-driven learning experiences occurring annually for the past four years. The theme of this year’s summit, voted on by Boise High School students, is “social justice”. The summit consists of three main characteristics; student presenters, student led workshops, and a keynote speaker - Cherie Buckner-Webb. Ms. Buckner-Webb is a graduate of Boise High and a District 19 Legislative Representative. Boise High students will be presenting on self-selected topics ranging from Empowering Women, to How to Become a Youth Activist (led by the organizers of the Women’s March), to Racial Segregation in American Schools.  

Boise High School - A Tradition of Excellence in Public Education
Boise High School's educational goals include: fostering citizenship in the community; uniting the campus with a thematic topic; engaging students in interdisciplinary approaches to real-world issues; nurturing project-based learning opportunities; developing and showcasing our students’ leadership and project management skills; providing staff development in technology and literacy training. 

News media is welcome to visit student presentations, workshops, and the keynote speech. Student organizers and presenters may also be available for interviews.