We like to inform you about an improvement in our Pressure Data Loggers Accuracy. From now on, the wireless pressure data loggers (GMP P RF, GMPF P RF) and standard pressure data loggers (GMP P, GMPF P) will have these accuracy specs:

±10 mbar ≤ 3 BarA @ 130°C
±15 mbar > 3 BarA @ 130°C
±15 mbar ≤ 3 BarA @ 23°C
±30 mbar > 3 BarA @ 23°C
±0.1°C from -40 to 140°C

The pressure loggers datasheets revision were updated to LVSC.3.1.7 - March 2020. We are working on releasing a datasheet revision update this month for all our products.

You can download the latest revision for pressure loggers here:

A4 size

Letter size