BSAC and Mother's Out Front 
Demand that National Grid Fix Gas Leaks
This is one of the many things we do to dismantle environmental racism
- Ahria Ilyas, BSAC/YOB
On Wednesday July 31st, we joined Mother's our Front's action to pressure National Grid to fix the 16,000 statewide gas leaks that they promised to fix a year ago. A hundred people from different organizations gathered in front of a 2000 square feet gas leak between the JFK Building, to call attention to a problem that is not only harmful to our health, environment and trees, but also can cause explosions and cost us money from lost resources. 

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YOB/BSAC push MA legislature to take action on Statewide Education Funding Bill 

Youth on Board, a lead organization with Mass Ed Justice Alliance, is a proud partner of the Fund our Future campaign pushing for full funding for Massachusetts public schools.

In 2015, the Foundation Budget Review Commission found that public schools are underfunded by over $1 billion every year. Last week organizers came together to continue the pressure on the state legislature to fully fund education.

Check out our alum and Director of Special Projects Carlos Rojas Álvarez break it down - BNN Video

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