Prestige Team Fights Against Coronavirus
March 18,2020 | Series 2
Be “In the Know”
What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

COVID-19 causes a range of symptoms in those infected. The follow symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure: 
  • Asymptomatic: This means no symptoms at all.
  • Mild symptoms: This category includes Mild cold symptoms such as stuffy or running, cough, sore throat . Some people have also reported mild diarrhea
  • Severe symptoms: This includes fever, cough, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, may progress to pneumonia
  • Critical symptoms: This include but not limited to respiratory failure, septic shock, multiple organ dysfunction or failure, and even death

What should you do if your patient shows symptoms? 

Contact a doctor right away if you notice any of the symptoms listed above, especially if your client has recently traveled or has been in contact with someone who is known to have the virus. 

What should you do if YOU show symptoms? 
  • Any health care provider who have signs and symptoms of any respiratory infection should not report to work 
If you develop signs and symptoms while on the job: 
  • Immediately stop work, put on a face mask, and self-isolate at home; 
  • Inform your supervisor of all individuals, equipment, and locations you came in contact with; and 
  • Contact and follow your local health department recommendations for next steps 

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Types of Tele-Psychiatry Services
Scheduled Tele-Psychiatry Services

Prestige Healthcare Resources Telehealth division are run through its scheduled services division. With scheduled tele-psychiatry, Prestige Healthcare Resources assigns a consistent provider or small group of providers to serve a regular caseload of consumers. These providers are available in set blocks of time to do anything that a traditional in-person tele-psychiatry provider would do including:

  • Assessments
  • Medication management
  • Treatment team meetings
  • Counseling and therapy 
  • Community support, and 
  • Other consumer needs

On-Demand Tele-psychiatry Services

During crisis such as coronavirus COVID-19, Prestige Healthcare Resources on-demand service division provides:

  • Intake and Diagnosis assessment
  • Medication and somatic services
  • Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • Community Support Services, and Other Emergency Services 

Via audio- visual to individuals, hospital emergency rooms, psychiatric crisis centers, inpatient units, correctional facilities and other organizations that need as-needed psychiatric assessments and care. Our on-demand services are generally one-time, or multiples encounters that focused on determining the appropriate disposition and plan for an individual in psychiatric crisis. 

Prestige care team collaborate with community resources to augment and enhance the existing system of care, so that individuals can move on to appropriate next levels of care quickly.
What Prestige is Doing
Prestige takes proactive approach in combating and containing Coronavirus crisis. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life to the population we serve and that of our employee 
Below are few steps taken so far…. 

1.At Our Facility Front Desk
  • Everyone (consumers, visitors, staff) must wipe hands with sanitizer 
  • Clean sign-in tablet every two hours and as needed 
  • Wipe desk every 2 hours
  • If anyone is coughing/sneezing etc. check temperature (placed at the front desk) 
  • Wipe door handle to the main office every two hours and as needed 
  • End of day: spray front desk, chairs etc. with Clorox 

2.Individual Office 
  • Wipe down desk after every visit 
  • Wipe door knob every two hours and as needed 
  • At the ed of the day, wipe all surfaces and doorknob 

3.In the Community:
  • All our Community Support workers, Therapists, Nursing assistant and, Case managers. 
  • Must Clean hands with hand sanitizer after every patient encounter 
  • Must Clean car door with disposable sanitizer as needed 

4.Nursing Team: 
  • Must Report all symptomatic consumers, visitors and staff to nurse 
  • Must Perform thorough assessment, and 
  • Triage as needed  
Local Agencies & Resources