PBG Newsletter
June 8, 2016
Greetings Pretty Brown Girls! 
Dear Pretty Brown Girls and Supporters,
In 2010, we decided to relocate back to my hometown of Detroit with our two daughters, as my Mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. We left our fast paced lifestyle behind and started over with one question, how could we use our gifts, talents and skills to impact others? Inspired by my mom who spent her life changing the lives of others, I was left with the wondering of how I would be remembered, who am I truly helping, whose life would be different because our paths crossed and how I would leave a legacy of love for my daughters to follow.
Six years later, with having touched thousands of girls with the PBG Movement, we challenge Pretty Brown Girls to ask themselves that same question. To all of the Pretty Brown Girls graduating and moving on to the next phases in their lives, we congratulate you for your accomplishments and achievements! You are however, sure to encounter some well-meaning but misguided people will try to convince you to not follow your big dreams. Do not let these people distract you, as we are counting on you walking into your greatness. You are our future Leaders, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Entrepreneurs and even Presidents. Never let the "how" you are going to do something stop you from the "why" you will do it. Remember, that if God gives you a vision, he will provide you with the provision.
We stand with you as you walk into your purpose as you now have an obligation to yourself, your community and to e veryone in your village who invests, supports, and believes in you to 
go forth with confidence and hope.  
Abundant Blessings and Love,
Founder of The Pretty Brown Girl Movement  
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Pretty Brown Girl Highlights
Pretty Brown Girl Club #14 in  Nassau, Bahamas

Pretty Brown Girl Club #12 in Atlanta, Georgia

Members of PBG Club #12 participated in The Natural Hair Experience Tour presented by Auntie Jackie's Girls, which promotes the major natural hair product brands developed to address the unique needs of women and children with natural curls, coils and waves.  Awesome job Pretty Brown Girls!
Collegiate Ambassador Highlight
PBG Book Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations  Miss Jenisis Moreland, our very first  Pretty Brown Girl  Foundation Book Scholarship Recipient! Over the years, it has been a joy to watch Jenesis blossom into a beautiful, young woman. Jenisis was accepted into every college in which she applied, however, she has decided to attend Florida A&M University as a Business Major this Fall. We are so proud of you! 
Pretty Brown Girls In The News

Congratulations to Deshauna Barber,  Miss District of Columbia, a 26-year-old Army officer and IT analyst, who wins the Miss USA pageant! She graduated from Virginia State University in 2011 and joined the military at age 17. She stated, "We are just as tough as men. As a commander of my unit, I'm powerful, I am dedicated and it is important that we recognize that gender does not limit us in the United States."

9-Year-Old, Khloe Thompson, creates and distributes "Kare Bags", which are  hand-sewn bags filled with various toiletries for homeless women. She decided to launch her own charity, Khloe Kares, which focuses on community service and educating other kids about things going on in the world

Congratulations Pretty Brown Girls! This is amazing!
 Pretty Brown Girl School Programs

Pretty Brown Girl Culminating Ceremonies were a smashing success in both  Dolton School District 149 (above)  and  Matteson School District 159 (below).  We had over 250 students, parents, families, teachers, Principals and Administration participate. T hank you for celebrating with us during this momentous occasion!

 Students who participated in the Pretty Brown Girl Club at Renaissance High School (below) were recognized during their Culminating Ceremony last week.

We thank you for celebrating us and we hope that you were encouraged, empowered and inspired to dream your biggest dreams!
Now is a great time to order our program for the Summer or for the 2016-2017 school year. 
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Happy Father's Day!
The No. 1 influence on a girl's self-esteem is affection from her dad. Pretty Brown Girl celebrates the men who uplift, inspire and empower girls of color.
To all of the Devoted Dads, we would like to wish you a  Happy Father's Day!
Corey Crawley, Co-Founder of Pretty Brown Girl, with his two daughters,
Laila & Aliya Crawley
A few of our Devoted Dads from Dolton School District #149 who celebrated with us during their End of The Year Culminating Ceremony!

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