Prevent Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI's)
Large or small renovation/construction projects in hospitals must be properly managed.

You need a Certified Industrial Hygienist on your Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) Team to control airborne contaminants and protect the hospital community.
A Certified Industrial Hygienist brings required specialized disease prevention knowledge and services that include:
  • Risk identification, assessment, and management of environmental hazards (dust, silica, lead, asbestos, mold, Asperguillus, Legionella)
  • Engineering Controls, Barrier and Containment Design to protect susceptible patients from airborne contaminants associated with construction
  • Hazard Communication to affected populations
  • Understanding the role of ventilation systems for HEPA filtration, contaminant capture and control and maintenance of negative pressure environments.
  • Project design, implementation and environmental sampling (air, surface & water) to assess efficacy of engineering controls 
  • Project management and documentation to control environmental hazards
Hygieneering has been working with infection control and facilities management in healthcare for decades to prevent and address issues that compromise patient health and safety.

Please contact John Feller, CIH, CSP, President of Hygieneering and Certified Healthcare Professional at or 630-654-2550 for more information.