Count Chemicals Not Calories

Hey there - happy Wednesday otherwise known as hump day - remember that Geico commercial with the camel? That cracks me up everytime.

I had such a great day today. Some of the women from our WIB committee volunteered at the Soup Kitchen today run by Nourish, NJ. I met Miss Betty, she's 75 years old and runs that kitchen like a fine tuned machine and just a wonderful human being. It was a good feeling to serve the community there.
Soup's On ~

White Bean and Kale Minestrone

Preventing and Reversing Cancer
It is heartbreaking to me the amount of people who are suffering with digestive issues, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, cancer, depression, anxiety and so many other debilitating health issues and have no idea what's causing it or what to do about it. And....these are just symptoms of what's to come if we don't make dietary changes. I read this article in The Food Revolution Network and wanted to pass it on to you. Read more
What's Barb up to?
November 13th - January 2020

Recovering from Foot Surgery - catching up on lectures, podcasts and reading while keeping off my feet all the while trying to keep my sanity. Ha!
Thought for the Month ~
" Keep laughing and giggling when you are surprised and delighted; it offers our ears the music of grace."
Kent Nerburn
I've enjoyed spending this time with you and

thrilled that you are a part of our community.