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2022: Autumn is Here
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Happy Fall!

It's with much anticipation that we welcome the fall here in New England. This year does not disappoint! The amazing foliage is in fine form, surprising & delighting at every turn.

While we both hail from the NYC area, we relish our country living. We've managed to avoid frost to date, so are still picking baby tomatoes, fall-bearing raspberries, and our robust kale. With a long rain last night, some of the colorful confetti is now spread on the ground and we know winter is not far off.
We're taking in these last warm days walking and biking in the late afternoons. We hope wherever you are, you have the chance to spend time outside, away from screens, enjoying the natural world, the city park, and shifting of light and seasons.

If you need a change-of-season tune-up, c'mon in, we'd love to see you!
With warm wishes for your vibrant health!
Drs. Amy & Paul
Getting Ready for Winter

Many of you have asked what the best ways to stay healthy this winter are? With more time spent in public and with loved ones, and many people emerging from COVID times, there is an uptick in other acute winter ailments.

Here's some useful tips from Dr. Rothenberg:
Preventing and Treating Flu-Like Illness: Natural Medicine Recommendations for Cold Weather Times

You Finished Treatment, Now What?
A Field Guide for Cancer Survivors

THIS Wednesday October 19th @ 8pm (Eastern Time) for our VIRTUAL BOOK LAUNCH EVENT

Zoom link for this event

Watch this piece from Channel 22 News! They came to our in person launch and helped spread the word!!

And here's a companion piece, published in Homeopathy Today, where Dr. Rothenberg focuses on using homeopathy with cancer survivors/thrivers.
You’d think the last day of chemo or radiation treatment would be a time to rejoice and celebrate. But for many cancer patients, the last day of treatment is soon followed by a sense of dread and despair. The fighting stance and the rallying cries end. The outpouring of support slows. It’s on to “life as usual,” which is not easy if you don’t feel well, and when medical “active surveillance” seems to be served up with a hefty portion of stress and anxiety. Many cancer patients and survivors feel at a loss. They need help and support to reverse collateral damage from cancer care and to strategize ways to prevent recurrence. 

People who seek help after conventional cancer care typically have needs that fall into the following five categories:

1) "Mopping up" from conventional care.
2) Addressing acute and first-aid challenges.
3) Treating psycho-emotional symptoms.
4) Addressing fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, and other general symptoms.
5) Addressing other pre-existing or worsened underlying chronic ailments.

PLUS: Ron Whitmont, MD wrote a wonderful book review.
Many of you know that we've been teaching homeopathy—one modality of natural medicine —for decades. Most of our students are physicians or other health care providers. But we hear from providers and patients alike that you'd love a more introductory course. So we created one to answer questions like: What is homeopathy? What are the basic tools used by the homeopathic provider? How can homeopathy be used in first aid and acute illnesses?

(Here we are front of the Washington DC statue of the Samuel Hahnemann, founder of homeopathy.)

We are offering a fully online, 12 hour introductory course on the history, theory, and practice of homeopathy for those who would like to learn first-hand about this gentle approach to healing. On your own time, from the comfort of your home, we hope you'll join us! Details here to sign up! Classes start the first of each month. We look forward to learning with you!

Currently Offering Half Price Community Appreciation Rate
New Sessions begin monthly - LEARN MORE
Minestrone Soup
This is the soup I have made most often, that my kids ask for the most, and that I can make blindfolded with one hand behind my back. It’s a kind of take on a minestrone sans the pasta. Well, that might be overstating it, but suffice it to say, you do not have to be too picky here with the ingredients.

I had a friend tell me once that her mother, too, often made soup from an array of ingredients she’d found around the house. They drew the line when one time they found a shoelace in the soup!! Okay, okay, I am not recommending shoelaces or any other non-edibles, but let your imagine wander and let your hands explore the back regions of your fridge and your cupboard, could be some older beets in the bin or a can of corn on the shelf that would also get along with the other fine friends in this soup. To read the full recipe click here.
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