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Control and Treat Fungus
Fungus is seen most often at temperatures above 80°F when humidity levels are very high. It spreads through mycelia, which travel from leaf to leaf. Mycelia use water and moisture as a “highway” to move throughout the lawn. Therefore, it’s extremely important to water in the morning and NOT at night to insure that water doesn’t stay on the grass leaves too long. Mycelia look like spider webs on the lawn, which appear before damage occurs. If you see these “webs” on the turf, then apply Jonathan Green Lawn Fungus Control.  Lawn Fungus Control is a systemic fungicide that is used for preventative and curative treatments. Applying Mag-I-Cal PLUS or Love Your Soil  on the same day will increase water penetration into the soil. This will limit the “driving” of mycelia and allow your fungicide treatment to be more effective.  
Brown Patch Fungus
Remove thick buildups of thatch in your lawn to allow the soil to breathe. Moisture trapped in the thatch layer promotes fungus. If your thatch layer is more than ½ inch thick, de-thatch your lawn in the fall. 
Proper Mowing Height
Mowing at the proper height stimulates a healthy growing lawn to resist fungus. The lawn should not be cut lower than 3". Low cuts and dull mower blades will scalp the leaves and create wounds in the tissue. Such wounds limit the natural ability of grass to resist infection. 
Mow your lawn when the grass is dry, particularly if you already have a fungal disease. Keep the mower blades sharp. As stated above, a dull blade inhibits the grass to ward off fungus. Sharp blades, on the other hand, cut cleanly and allow the plant to heal and recover quickly. If you have fungus, try to mow the affected areas last to avoid spreading it. 
Damage from Dull Mower Blades
The Winner is...
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