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"Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change."

-Bob Kerrey
Random Acts of Kindness Day

Don't underestimate the power of kindness! While practicing kindness is always important, February 17th reminds us to put kindness into action. Mark this day on your calendar and find ways to be extra thoughtful- whether that's treating a stranger to a cup of coffee, or doing an unexpected favor for a friend. You can also utilize this awareness day, as well as other national observances, in tandem with prevention strategies. Consider utilizing this day to highlight community members or activities that reflect kindness and substance use prevention efforts.
Environmental Prevention & the APRC

If you have visited the APRC website, you will have seen numerous fact sheets and resource guides on specific strategies and policies to implement in your community. The focus of the APRC is on changing the environment to reduce and prevent youth alcohol use. Environmental prevention advocates for the use of local data to determine the strategy or policy to implement within your community. The Alcohol Prevention Strategy and Policy infographic illustrates which environmental prevention strategies and policies match local factors contributing to youth alcohol use.

The APRC can assist you in analyzing your IYS data, selecting strategies, and building capacity on alcohol policy. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Kellie Henrichs or Jody Heavilin.
Youth Prevention Resource Center

Coming Soon! Prevention First is excited to soon share the new Youth Prevention Resource Center (YPRC). The final touches are being made, so please be sure to watch this space for the big announcement! In the interim, we continue our direct work with youth and their allies. Note the Student Advisory Board story below. 

YPRC is currently taking applications for the Student Advisory Board. This group will meet virtually until such time that it’s safe for all to come together in person. If you work with a YAC, or any other youth group, and know a student that would like to represent them and the work being done in your community, encourage them to apply. We will provide training and resources that they can share with their local groups. They will also be afforded the opportunity to guide the work done by the YPRC. In addition, they may be asked to represent us, taking advantage, of state and national level invitations to share their perspectives. For more information on the YPRC or the Student Advisory Board email Robyn Block.

Student Advisory Board applications are available here.
Activity Ideas for National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week 2021

If you're planning on participating in NDAFW, taking place March 22-28, 2021, there are plenty of activities you can begin planning.
Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

If you still haven't signed up to participate in NDAFW 2021, you can still register here!
This Month's Dose of Truth
Just as prescription opioid use escalates over time, so do the signs of opioid use disorder. It can start with putting off cooking or picking up groceries and wind up as a living off delivery. It's important to be aware of these signs and limit use as much as possible.

Learn more opioid facts and risks, as well as how to manage your prescription by visiting the A Dose of Truth website.
Alcohol Policy Resource Center Clearinghouse

The Alcohol Policy Resource Center is excited to offer some of our resources in a new Clearinghouse!

Requests can be made by downloading the Clearinghouse Form and emailing it to Jody Heavilin. The resources will then be mailed to you.
Technical Assistance from Prevention First

The technical assistance offered at Prevention First expands professional development beyond training to assist substance use prevention providers in applying what they have learned in their communities. Timely, flexible and provider-tailored technical assistance is available to meet the individual needs of providers.

For more information about technical assistance or other services we offer, click email Provider Services.
The Latest News on the COVID-19 Vaccine and Alcohol Consumption

As the COVID-19 vaccine rolls out, it's important to understand the benefits of avoiding alcohol before and after the vaccination.

Read more about how alcohol weakens the immune system and can compromise the body's response to the vaccine.
Training from the Great Lakes PTTC

Hosted By:
Great Lakes PTTC
February 10, 2021 
1:00–2:30pm CST
2:00–3:30pm EST
February 17, 2021 
1:00–2:30pm CST
2:00–3:30pm EST

The Great Lakes PTTC offers this training for prevention practitioners in HHS Region 5: IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, and WI.

This two-part webinar will provide substance misuse prevention practitioners with an overview of environmental strategies. The series will focus on the importance of environmental strategies and how they differ from individual-focused prevention programs. It will also highlight three categories of environmental strategies: communications, policies, and enforcement.

Part 1: February 10, will cover the basics of what environmental strategies are, the benefits and limitations of using them, how they differ from individual-focused strategies, and the communication category of environmental strategies.

Part 2: February 17, will focus on the policy and enforcement categories of environmental strategies, as well as the resource available to guide the selection and implementation of environmental strategies.
Online Self-Study
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Webinar Wednesdays

Building Your Community Connections During and Post-Pandemic Times
February 17, 1 - 2:30 pm EDT
Trainer: Kim Laube

People are our business, so how do we stay in engagement while living in a COVID world? Coalitions rely on meetings and community events to stay in the public space making meaningful connections. So how do we use this time to stay engaged, connected and set the stage for our coalitions to lead the healing phase in a post-pandemic time. The need for our work will be essential and magnified, so let's spend time discussing ways to; use virtual tools more effectively, engage communities safely and help carry our message in urban and rural settings. 
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Online training events offered at Prevention First are self-paced allowing participants to complete the material at their own pace.

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