Winter 2020
Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers' Prevention Highlights

LGRC is excited to share that we recently hired a new Tobacco Prevention Specialist, Tammy Sacchini, a Certified Health Education Specialist. Tammy comes to us from the world of Public Health where she developed programs that educated employees on healthy behaviors as well as implemented smoke-free and tobacco-free worksites. As part of her work here on our Prevention Team, she will be working on the Ohio Department of Health’s Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Program Grant for Geauga County.

Why does Tammy love prevention? “Prevention is the foundation of good health. Healthy people make healthy communities and healthy communities make healthy people, a fabulous infinite circle! To be an active member encouraging and educating people of this foundation is an honor and a blessing. I love to interact with others and being a part of something bigger than me, making a difference!”

We are happy to have Tammy on our team and hope you will welcome her to our friendly community.

LGRC is an active member of a three county Tobacco Coalition. The goal of the coalition is to work collaboratively on the Ohio Department of Health’s Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Grant. Through working to complete the grants deliverables, we educate the community on the prevention of secondhand smoke, tobacco use in youth and others through policy change.

A current deliverable focus that we're working on is to encourage all Geauga County schools in adopting 100% smoke-free and tobacco-free policies. We are also recommending more community providers to either offer cessation services or provide referrals to existing cessation services.

As an established tobacco cessation service provider in Lake and Geauga Counties, LGRC offers a comprehensive one-on-one tobacco cessation counseling service with licensed therapists. If you are interested or know anyone interested in quitting tobacco use, please visit any Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers Outpatient office or contact us at 440-255-0678 or [email protected].

Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers now offers a 6-week Anger Management Intervention class. Anger Management Intervention helps individuals who have a difficult time controlling their anger. 

Prevention Specialists will provide group classes using an evidenced-based curriculum to assist individuals in recognizing personal anger cues and developing an anger management plan. Concepts will include how past learning can influence present behavior as well as the aggression cycle and how to change it. Additionally, clients will learn and practice anger management tools including relaxation, communication skills interventions, cognitive restructuring, and assertiveness training.
It is helpful for anyone referred by:
·         Law enforcement, a judge, or attorney
·         Child Protective Services
·         Employers due to conflict issues at work
·         Schools
·         Family
·         Self

This class is not a replacement for anger management therapy. Participants are responsible for ensuring that the class fulfills referral requirements.

Anger Management Intervention meets on Mondays from 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. in the Chardon Office. The participant fee is $60 for the 6 week session.

To register for the next session call 440-255-0678 or visit

Our Saturday Education class just got an upgrade. All classes starting in January will be facilitated utilizing Prime for Life, an evidence-based motivational prevention and intervention program. It is specifically designed for people who might be making high-risk choices surrounding substances. It is intended to change drinking and drug use behaviors by changing beliefs, attitudes, risk perceptions, motivations, and the knowledge of how to reduce their risk of alcohol- and drug-related problems throughout their lives. It is ideal for those who are referred by law enforcement, a judge, or an attorney as well as anyone who is concerned about his/her own use.

The program is an intensive, 8 hour class that is offered the third Saturday of every month. The cost is $125.00.

Call us at 440-255-0678 or visit to get registered for the next session.

The Big Bowl Vote is sponsored by Prevention Action Alliance and works to gather information about the kinds of ads that young people are seeing during the Super Bowl.  According to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth,  young people on average see 23 ads for alcohol each month. And those ads influence young people to view alcohol more favorably and, thus, drink more. According to Nielson, a data analytics company, 30% of teenagers will tune into the Super Bowl, during which a high number of alcohol ads are shown.  What effect do all these alcohol related ads have on teens? 

Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers is working with local partners to host a Big Bowl Vote event, on Monday February 3 rd, 2020. If you are interested in attending please contact Matt Petersen at 440-205-2672.  

During the month of March, we recognize Problem Gambling Awareness Month. During this campaign, March Madness reaches a crescendo with an estimated $10 billion in bets placed on the NCAA basketball championship games, calls to the National Problem Gambling Helpline (1-800-522-4700) typically spike an average of 30% during the month.

To bring awareness to problem gambling within our own counties, LGRC will be distributing “Set Before You Bet” posters to local businesses and agencies which is a state-wide program that gives guidelines for gambling responsibly. We will also be supplying problem gambling awareness coasters to bars and restaurants that offer Keno, a lottery-like gambling game.

Additionally, LGRC’s lobby areas will have “gambling trivia” to test your knowledge on problem gambling and we will also be doing educational presentations to consumers receiving services at other local community partners.

One event that we are particularly excited about will be hosted at Mentor Public Library on Tuesday, March 3 rd from 6:30-7:30pm. It is a presentation specifically for parents on “Gaming, Gambling, and Youth: A Parent’s Guide”. Please join us to learn more about the gambling and gaming connection.

If you or a loved one needs help with problem gambling, Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers offers FREE gambling treatment services. Educational awareness programs are also FREE of charge to any school, agency, or community group. To learn more contact us 440-255-0678 or visit
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