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Recent Rollbacks of State Alcohol Restrictions Threaten Health

During the pandemic, dozens of state legislatures passed bills relaxing state alcohol laws. During this time alcohol sales have increased and national surveys have charted troubling trends in alcohol use. Many of these alcohol laws are becoming permanent, and if there continues to be an increase in home drinking we may see higher alcohol consumption and alcohol-related health outcomes.

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Edible Marijuana Dangers:

How Parents Can Prevent Pot Poisoning

Marijuana edibles are often presented as everyday sweets: cookies, candies, popcorn and beverages. This can be tricky for young children. Lock up your edibles and avoid access to minors. An overdose of THC in a child can include: intoxication, altered perception, anxiety, panic, paranoia, dizziness, weakness, slurred speech, poor coordination, apnea, and heart problems.

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Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids report ranks Oregon No. 1 in funding prevention

Public health officials have maintained concerns that tobacco is the leading cause of preventable deaths in the country. The effect of second hand smoke especially to kids are well documented. But a recent Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids report has ranked Oregon No. 1 in the nation in funding tobacco prevention at levels recommended by the Centers for Disease Control.

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31M Americans To Bet on Super Bowl, Gambling Group Estimates

A record 31.5 million Americans plan to bet on this year’s Super Bowl, according to estimates released Tuesday by the gambling industry’s national trade group. If you plan on betting, remember:

  1. Set your limits and stick to them
  2. Track your bets
  3. Keep in mind what you can afford when betting
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Are you concerned about your gambling habits or someone else's? There is hope and help! Check out this link for more tools for quitting gambling or get free and confidential professional support by calling 1-877-MY-LIMIT/877-695-4648 or visit www.opgr.org

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