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JULY 2022

 Summer is here! Here are Portland Park and Recreation      Summer Events Guide.

Summer is finally here - In this time of the year, days become warm, hot and really long, while nights in this season are the shortest. Sun shines so bright and everything around is whispering to go outdoors! For some people, Summer means time to go on vacation, spend time near the sea and sunbathing. For some, it is a great time for doing some sports outdoors, spending time with families and friends, doing picnics. Whatsoever your likings are, Portland Park and Recreation have line up a variety of activities for this summer. click on the button below for the Portland Park and Recreation summer guide.

Click here for summer events guide

Cannabis: What You Need to Know to Help Protect Children, Teens and Young Adults.

Many states in the US have legalize recreational use of marijuana in adults ages 21 and over. Recreational marijuana use by children and teenagers is not legal in anywhere in the United States. There are many ways people can use marijuana including young adults. This can make it harder for parents to watch for use in their child. Research shows talking about substance use does not make kids want to try it. Parents, you can talk about it with kids and young adults who haven't even thought about trying it. And the earlier teens get information, the more likely they are to make educated decisions about their health

 Click on the button below to read more on how you can help protect your children, teens and young adults from using cannabis.

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      Older Adults And Problem Gambling

The statistics on senior gambling indicate that compulsive gambling is a greater problem among older adults than adults in general. From bingo games to casinos, gambling can be a fun way for older adults to socialize and break up their routines. While most will gamble responsibly, some will develop compulsive habits that can risk their savings and emotional and physical health. Click on the button below to read more.

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Are you concerned about your gambling habits or someone else's? There is hope and help! Check out this link for more tools for quitting gambling or get free and confidential professional support by calling 1-877-MY-LIMIT/877-695-4648 or visit www.opgr.org

Your Words Matter Campaign: Part 2

Calling all parents! Your language can influence your children's perception of alcohol and other substances. You are teaching your children not only through your actions, but how you speak about your actions. Children begin internalizing messages about alcohol consumption and other behaviors earlier than you may think. As a parent, you have a lot of influence over your child's perception of alcohol, and the choices that they make around it. #YourWordsMatter

This year, middle and high school youth from our Upstander Circle youth council worked together to develop a campaign called #YourWordsMatter to highlight the importance of language in supporting behavioral health and reducing stigma. In upcoming newsletters, we will be highlighting different graphics developed by them as part of this campaign. 

Their goal is to remind community members about the potential impact of their words, and to remind them that how you speak in everyday life can reduce stigma, from mental health, body image, substance use, and more. Studies show that language has the potential to increase and decrease stigma. We show respect and lack of respect through our everyday language. Make sure you think before you speak.

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