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April is... Alcohol Awareness Month!
In Recognition of Alcohol Awareness Month, April is filled with activities throughout Sussex County. Alcohol Awareness month raises awareness while encouraging people to make healthy and safe choices when it comes to the use of alcohol. It also opens a window of opportunity to address underage drinking, especially with prom and graduation season right around the corner. 
According to the most recent surveys ( Monitoring the Future 2016, NIH, NIDA,) we continue to see promising declines in the use of alcohol among our teenagers. Over the last five years, nationwide, we've seen a gradual decline in alcohol consumption in our 8th - 12th graders.  While this is great news, the need for continued education and conversations regarding underage drinking is apparent and necessary. Even though alcohol consumption has steadily decreased, 41% of 12th graders and 19% of 10th graders in Sussex County report having used alcohol in the last 30 days (Pride, 2015). At The Center, we continue to educate teens, parents, teachers, community leaders and health care providers about the dangers and consequences associated with underage drinking.
April is... Alcohol Awareness Month
Marijuana: Potency, Policy and Public Impact Conference
Parents as Champions Training
Recovery Supports
Do you know what "420" is?
Do No Harm Symposium
The Center's Happenings
Town Hall Meeting
Regional Coalition Meetings
County Wide Drug Disposal Day
Fatal Vision Goggle Training
Alcohol Awareness Month PSA Contest Winners
Responsible Alcohol Beverage Server Training 
3rd Annual Changing the Face of Addiction Walk
Marijuana: Potency, Policy and Public Impact Conference Featuring Kevin Sabet, PHD

Renowned national speakers will present at our May 3, 2017 Spring Conference including Kevin Sabet, PhD and Frank L. Greenagel Jr., MPAP, MSW, LCSW, LCADC, ICADC, ACSW, CJC, CCS who both agree that, "from an economic perspective, "marijuana legalization is revenue negative."  Looking at data emerging out of states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use, there appears to be no benefits to youth or society, especially from young people using marijuana, except where some rare medical cases are concerned. Kevin Wong from Colorado's High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area will bring data from the Denver area to share with Sussex County public health experts...

Parents as Champions for Healthy Communities Training

On March 4th and March 11th,  Pam Pastorino and Ashley LeBelle, School Health Specialists and Northern Regional Coordinators  of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Grant hosted a Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN) - Parents as Champions for Healthy Schools" workshop . During this two day workshop, fourteen parents (including two teen moms) representing five different schools in Hudson County were trained on how to become champions for healthy schools. Throughout the training parents were given the tools needed to construct an appropriate action plan to address a specific need within their child's school.

Recovery Supports

The Sussex County C.L.E.A.R. Program was honored by the Sussex County Chamber of Commerce with the prestigious Chairman's Award at their "Quality in Business... Quality in Living" dinner on Thursday, March 24, 2017 for having made an extraordinary contribution to the County in the last twelve months, and c elebrating the first year success program.  A press conference was held at the Newton Town Hall on Wednesday, March 29th. Senator Oroho, Assemblyman Parker Space and Assemblywoman Gail Phoebus all attended the event with Oroho and Space releasing statements of support after the celebration. Also in attendance were representatives for Senator Menendez, Congressman Gottheimer and Governor Christie.
Do you know what "420" is?

Ever hear someone talk about "4/20?"  If so, they could be referring to "National Weed Day," promoting all things cannabis related and often 'observed' by marijuana enthusiasts. You might also hear reference to the everyday afternoon hour of 4:20 pm as "code" to partake in smoking or using marijuana and other cannabis products.  Want to be "in the know" and learn to recognize the signs, symptoms and trends of youth marijuana use?  Check out our 420 Newsletter  and  Click Here  for additional information from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. 

Coalition Partners with Partnership for a Drug Free NJ, to bring Do No Harm Symposium

The Center for Prevention and Counseling was excited to partner with the DEA and The Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey in bringing Do No Harm on April 6 to Atlantic Health's Newton Medical Center to alert prescribers on the new CDC guidelines hoping to prevent further cases of opiate addiction. Since 2008, The Center's Coalition for Healthy and Safe Communities  has been advocating for 100% prescriber registration and utilization of the New Jersey Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (NJPMP)  which can alert prescribers to patients who misuse Rx medications. On April 29, 2017, The Center will again partner with the DEA and the nation to promote the Rx disposal boxes in Sussex County at eight local police departments for disposing of unwanted, unused and expired medications...