Winter 2017  Newsletter
$20,000 Harm Reduction grant received by the Graves County Agency for Substance Abuse Prevention

The Graves County Agency for Substance Abuse Prevention (Graves Co. ASAP) announced on November 7, 2016 that it is one of 38 coalitions in the state of the Kentucky to be granted Opiate Harm Reduction Funds. A total of $754,000 was granted statewide. Graves Co. ASAP received 100% of the funds requested which was $20,000.
A total of $12,000 will be used for outpatient treatment vouchers to reduce the financial barrier to those who do not have insurance that will cover the cost of intensive outpatient therapy. Most private insurance no longer covers Intensive Outpatient therapy without a significant financial contribution of the patient. This makes intensive outpatient therapy difficult to obtain. Intensive Outpatient is a step down from inpatient and helps the patient make the transition back into their day to day life with support to prevent relapse.
A total of $8,000 will be used for law enforcement to purchase sharp boxes for Police cruisers, stick proof gloves for officers, and CPR barrier masks. These items will help law enforcement stay safe as they encounter Opiate/Heroin users.  The Police departments will use $3,675 for an outreach program to educate the user and family members about opiate addiction. This will be an educational prevention program in the schools and community to promote the dangers and negative consequences of these drugs.
This grant project period will begin immediately and complete whenever funds are expended.
Mayfield Police Chief, Nathan Kent said. "The Mayfield Police Department is pleased to partner with ASAP, GCSO, and KSP in the implementation of this awarded grant." Kent continued, "Illegal narcotics, and especially the recent upsurge in heroin, represent a grave threat to the health and safety of our community. This grant will greatly assist these partners in the prevention of use, treatment of current addicts, and enforcement and trafficking laws."
Graves County Judge Executive Jesse Perry said, "It is important to educate our community about the risks and consequences opiate/heroin use as it is on the rise in Kentucky. We have not seen the numbers of heroin overdoses as other parts of the state, but that is why this grant is so crucial. In Graves County we want to be proactive in the heroin epidemic." Judge Perry continued, "Our local ASAP has proposed assistance with our law enforcement, community outreach, and treatment vouches. I am pleased to hear they have been awarded this grant. It will be a great asset to our community."

There will be a committee that will meet at the beginning of 2017 to discus how to disperse the treatment vouchers, if you are interested in serving on the committee contact Lauren Carr. 

GCASAP Youth to Travel to Washington, DC CADCA Conference
CAD CA is hosting their 27th National Leadership Forum in Washington, DC February  5th-9th. Graves County ASAP will be sending a total of 8 youth and 3 adult
 coal ition  members. When asked about the trip, GCHS junior and STOP club President Courtney Williams,  said, "I'm excited to learn new things and bring them back to apply them to our school and community. Last yea r I had the opportunity to experience CADCA and learned so much." Williams continued, "I met some remarkable speakers and met with our state politicians and spoke to them about what is happening in Graves County and how we are trying to prevent substance use." 
Talk - They Hear You Campaign
Parents who talk to their kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol are 42% less likely to use than those who don't. Talk - They Hear You is a new initiative set out by SAMSA. Today Graves County ASAP filmed our latest WPSD commercial. A huge shoutout to the Lodge at Emerald Waters for allowing us to film at their place, GCSO, and Lee Martin volunteering as extras. 

For tips on how to start the conversation or what to say visit 
Celebrate Recovery at First United Methodist Church

We all deal with hurts, habits and hang-ups! Jesus  Christ offers us help and hope, and we are now offering that to our community and congregation.
Celebrate Recovery meets each Tuesday evening.
5:30-6:10 A meal (which is optional)
6:15-7:00 Large group worship, prayer, a teaching or testimony, and celebrations of recovery milestones
7:05-7:50 Small groups for talking about the large group content or for sharing whatever is on our hearts 
7:45-8:30 Cross-Talk Café (coffee, tea, desserts) for informal conversation that helps build good relationships
Our purpose as a church is to offer Christ's hope to one another and to the world around us! God uses CR in over 20,000 locations around the world to transform many lives. Where pain, hurt and loss have reigned, God brings hope through Celebrate Recovery!
Anonymity and confidentiality are key to CR. It's a safe place for people to share their lives without fear of judgment. Find YOUR place in Celebrate Recovery!

For more information please contact the church, link is below. 
Email First United Methodist Church
Coalition Member Spotlight 
Kaye Horn, GCHS Family Resource Youth Services Center
Graves County ASAP Coalition Secretary 

Kaye Horn joined the ASAP coalition in 2007. When talking about her experience, Kaye said, "I am so excited to see GCASAP reaching the youth in our community." She continued, "Lauren has tapped into their interests and they have responded. The Youth Council is showing other kids that fun doesn't require an altered state."
Director Joseph Williams said, " Kaye brings an enthusiastic, youthful perspective, as she has a good understanding of our high school youth and their needs. She also has been our secretary for numerous years."


The Graves County Agency for Substance Abuse Prevention Youth Council (Graves Co. ASAP) concluded a Kindness Campaign during the month of November. The campaign included random acts of kindness such as: flowers to Morningside assisted living, desserts to the public officials, and lastly providing a free Thanksgiving meal for needy families.
During the first week of the kindness campaign, the youth council gave out over $200 in gift cards to citizens in Mayfield and Graves County. Mayfield High School senior, Bailey Ramage said, "The Kindness Campaign the Youth Council participated in was such a good way to reach out to those in our community. Just seeing their faces light up when we randomly handed them a gift card or served them a meal they wouldn't have gotten if it wasn't for the youth council was touching." She continued, "It was an eye opener to all of us, and was a very humbling experience to be a part of."
The next event of the kindness campaign was delivering flower arrangements to all 42 residents at Morningside Assisted Living. The youth council hand delivered the arrangements and spent time with the residents. Kitty Elliot the daughter of Ella Mae Cash a resident of Morningside assisted living, said "Our family is very appreciative of the thoughtful acts of kindness done by the Graves County ASAP Youth Council. Their visit to our mother and the sweet fresh flower arrangement given to her made her day."
Delivering baked desserts and snacks to our public officials, community workers, and law enforcement was the third event in the youth council campaign. The Youth Council was humbled to give back and say thanks to the people working in our community.
The last event the youth council did in the kindness campaign was hosting a free Thanksgiving meal at Carr's Steakhouse. There were over 100 people in attendance. The families were chosen by the Family Youth Services Centers at each school in the Mayfield and Graves County. Families that were chosen included single parents, grandparents raising grandchildren, parents who have to work on Thanksgiving, or families who just need a little extra help through the holidays.
Sophomore Cameron Gough said, "I feel as if the most important thing that our community can learn from our kindness campaign is that a little kindness can go a very long way." Gough continued, "I had the honor to talk to our guests at the Thanksgiving dinner and they were all so grateful for the meal and the kindness the Youth Council showed them."
Graves County ASAP Program Coordinator, Lauren Carr stated, "Even though we are a drug free group, we are creating emerging leaders in our community, and that is why we felt the Kindness Campaign was so beneficial to the Youth Council. Our motto during this campaign was "We Rise by Lifting Others" and having these youth participate in different activities to give back to the community shows them a sense of gratitude and appreciation." Carr continued, "Our plan is to continue this campaign every year. We can all use a little more kindness and I think the youth really enjoyed it."
YC Member Spotlight

Jazlin Guerrero is a Junior at Mayfield High School. She is a member of Mayfield Pure Cardinals, Cheer leading team, and Vice Chair of Graves County ASAP Youth Council. 

Jazlin said, "In youth council we want to help our community become drug and alcohol free by doing activities that do not have to involve these things and still be fun. Youth council means a lot to me. After seeing what drugs & alcohol do to some people, it has made me realize that I want to make my community a better place and to help others with what I do in this group. I feel like bettering my community, and many others, will benefit other peers to lead themselves in a successful, drug/alcohol-free life, that will lead to having plenty of other accomplishments." 

Friday Night Done Right 

Friday Night Done Right was held after every home football game (weather permitting) on the Court Square Lawn. It was a fun safe place for teens to go and hang out after the game. During the football season we had attendance ranging from 40-100 teens. Overall, it was a great event and the youth really enjoyed it. 
Graves County ASAP Meetings 2017

Friday, January 13th @ 1:00 PM GC Health Department - Drug Crime Update from GCSO & Mayfield Police Department
No February Meeting
Friday, March 10th  @ 1:00 PM GC Health Department - CADCA update & presentation from Donnie Reed, GC RC Center 
No April Meeting
Friday, May 12th  @ 1:00 PM GC Health Department Board Recognition Meeting & KIP DATA update
No June/July Meeting 
Friday, August 18th  @ 1:00 PM GC Health Department - Suicide Prevention presentation by Four River Behavioral Health
Friday, September 8th  @ 1:00 PM GC Health Department - Presentation TBD
Friday, October 13th  @ 1:00 PM GC Health Department - Presentation TBD
Friday, November 3rd  @ 1:00 PM GC Health Department - Presentation TBD
No December Meeting
Every Tuesday - Celebrate Recovery 5:30 @ First United Methodist Church 
Graves County ASAP | 416 Central Ave | Mayfield, KY 
2 70.247.3553 ext 248 |