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Last Chance to Enter our Whole Grains Month Challenge
September isn't over yet, which means there are still a few days left to participate in our Whole Grains Month challenge! Each entry you earn by completing a whole grain challenge will increase your chance of being selected to win various prizes throughout the month, including whole grain products and swag donated by our Whole Grains Council member companies. At the end of September, we will pick six Grand Prize winners who will each receive a $100 check in addition to other whole grain goodies
Announcing Our Fall Webinar Series
The Whole Grain Picture: Sharing the Science Behind Oats
Learn the science and research behind oat milling and oat nutrition, as well as how to communicate these nutritional nuances to support increased whole grain consumption. Thanks to The Quaker Oats Company, which is a unit of PepsiCo, Inc., for sponsoring this session! 
The Economics of Whole Grain and Public Health—The Impact and Application of Eating More Whole Grains
Learn about newly published data on the economic impact of whole grain intake on public health, health endpoints, and practical applications for encouraging whole grain consumption through simple, affordable changes to dietary habits. Thanks to the General Mills Bell Institute for Health and Nutrition for sponsoring this session!
Guide to the Quickest Cooking Whole Grains
There are helpful tricks for speeding up cooking times, like presoaking and the pasta method. There are also whole grains and whole grain products that cook in under 30 minutes—perfect for quick, weeknight meals.
Latin American Inspired Rice Recipes

An Oldways recipe and photo

Recipe and photo courtesy of Lundberg Family Farms
Dreaming of the Italian Countryside?
Eat, Drink, Explore, and Escape in Umbria
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