Next Weekend! JAN. 23 & 24
400 booths with dealers 
participating from 6 states
B elow are a few highlights of some
way cool stuff coming to the show... 
Puyallup Fairgrounds Events Center Building
110 9th Ave. S.W. Puyallup, WA 98371
Hours: Saturday 9am to 6pm to Sunday 10am to 5pm
Adult admission $6 (Sunday coupon at bottom)
Free Parking  - Park in Blue Lot
Shop with the dealers! Early Admission on Friday $20.00
Hours on Friday: 10am to 6pm  

The show is filled with things you didn't know you'd fall in love with. T urn-of-the-century f urniture, oddities, esta te jewelry, pop culture, glass, china, pottery, paintings, vintage prints, radios from the 30s-50s, movie memorabilia, sports, cast iron, mid-century, sterling, vintage toys from the 1880s to the 1970s, Victorian decor, vintage clothing, garden antiques, framed vintage prints, costume jewelry, estate jewelry, vintage clothing, coins and lots more.  
Vintage fishing equipment 

We have some great exhibitors coming from California and Nevada and of course from Oregon and Washington. Our dealers are friendly, knowledgeable and love to talk about vintage!
You can bring your family treasures and garage sale finds to the Evaluation & Identification booth for a verbal market evaluation. The cost is $7 per object and our experts are ISA appraisers. They love to talk so they'll give you all the information you might want on your item.
We also check coats and packages (at no charge), so feel free to bring in your treasures and we'll take good care of them in the Show Office.
See you at the show!   
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2016 Show
March 5 & 6
Portland Expo Center
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July 16 & 17
Portland Expo Center
1,400 booths

Oct. 29 & 30
Portland Expo Center
1,000 booths
November 5 & 6
Washington State Fair Events Center Puyallup
This Buster Brown piece will be in Steve Natoli's booth this time.
Row F, Booths 622 & 623.
Marilyn Burns was a collector of O'Neill Kewpies for over 43 years. Her mother worked in a second hand store and owned a few Kewpies, which started her off on what later became a lifelong quest. But now she's ready to sell. She's bringing composition, celluloid (from ½" to 24" high), a pocket watch holder, pin cushions, plates, prints, sand buckets, a tea set with German soldiers on it, magazine ads, flour sifters, comic pages, magazine ads, a clothespin bag, jewelry and sand buckets.

In 1907, Rose O'Neill, already a successful magazine illustrator in her early 30s, left the East Coast and retreated to her family's beautiful but rustic home in the Ozark mountains to recover from her second divorce. In 1909, a "Ladies Home Journal" editor asked her to come up with Cupid-like character illustrations to accompany some verse. O'Neill said that she spent so much time pondering these creatures, which became the Kewpies, they appeared to her in a dream.
O'Neill's Kewpies, which she named for "little Cupid, spelling it with a K because it seemed funnier," were an instant hit, and she drew them for "Woman's Home  Companion" and "Good Housekeeping," as well as other magazines and advertisers for more than 25 years. Because O'Neill was a savvy business woman, the Kewpies made her a millionaire, and allowed her to expand Bonniebrook into a sprawling, modern mansion with electricity and plumbing.

Marilyn and her collection are located in Row O, Booth 559.
Vintage laboratory vacuum pump , complete with bell jar.
Jeanne and Paul ALWAYS bring cool new things. Here are just a few things that you'll see (get there early; they sell to the walls).
Jeanne has been a part of the Puyallup Show since it began and sold with us at the Tacoma Dome before that. She and her partner, Paul Beckman are experts at finding the most interesting things. Here are a few more things that you'll find in their booth, which is on the wall towards the back. They are in 526, 527 & 528.
Micro mosiac pieces
They're bringing a great selection of costume jewelry this time, lots of inexpensive but vintage stuff including glittery necklaces ,figural brooches, lots of gold gilded pins, sterling, bejeweled perfume bottles and fantastic antique micro mosaic necklace, earrings and pins.

Jeanne is also bringin
g a large Cat Collection which includes vintage prints by Claire Turlay Newberry, a well known author and illustrator of children's books, cast iron, brass and pewter figurines. They'll also have Goebel and other fine china cat figurines. In addition you'll see 1950's rabbit fur stuffed toys and LOTS of books on cats, vintage and newer. 
The Schillars, Tom and Leanne, always come up with different and unique things. This time, among their usual selection of old signs, decorative items and vintage collectibles, they'll have some wonderful carvings. These are Northwest Coast Kwakiutl, done by Jackson Robertson, Nanaimo - Master Carver. Jackson Robertson has been carving yellow and red cedar for over 40 years. His First Nation affiliation is the Tsawataineuk First Nation from Kingcome Inlet BC. Jackson's plaques reflect his heritage in a very traditional way - his works are usually very bold and striking.  The Schillar's booth is located in Booths 527-529, located against the wall.   
             RESCUE ME ANTEEKS 
This will be the fourth Puyallup Show that
Rescue Me A nteeks has participated in. You might be interested in knowing that they donate all of their profits to six different animal rescue non-profits, four in Seattle, one in  Portland and one in South Los Angeles. 

They make a point of keeping their prices are moderate in order to much as possible to give to the rescue groups as quickly as possible. is located in Row M, Booth 537.

BRING YOUR FAMILY TREASURES (or garage sale finds) 

The show hires accredited experts that would normally cost you $125 an hour to tell you what you have and what it's worth. At the show, for $7 per object, you'll get a verbal market evaluation. The word 'value' has many definitions, ranging from insurance (replacement) value to forced liquidation (you need to pay the rent and have to sell that item today). The value that our experts give you is what your item would bring if you sold it in a retail setting such as at a show, over the web or in a shop. Vintage items typically depend on supply and demand. Certain things go in and out of favor.

Appraiser Randy Coe speaking at one of the Christine Palmer dealer seminars 

An example is glassware, which is going through a soft

kitty and don
Don Jensen and Kathleen Victor collaborating on the value of a bear

market right now. it doesn't mean that won't change in the future, but the popularity of an category dictates its value. Popular categories right now include Vintage clothing, estate jewelry, kitchenware from the 40s and 50s, pop culture items such as Star Wars and G.I. Joe, tobacco related items such as cigarette dispensers and ashtrays, decorative items including painted furniture, period lighting, framed vintage prints and early men's wrist watches, to name just a few.  

Evaluations are available during all hours of the show. If the line is long, you will be sold a ticket and given an approximate time to return to the booth.  The wait, at the most, is about a half hour.

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