June-July 2021
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I am pleased to share new updates from the USC Price Center for Social Innovation. We collaborated with Alliance for a Better Community (ABC) to put together The Latino/a Scorecard: A Policy Roadmap for Transforming Los Angeles, which highlights the opportunities and challenges facing Latino/as in Los Angeles County.

As always, thank you for your interest and support of the Price Center. I can be reached directly at gpainter@usc.edu if you would like to connect.

Gary Painter 
Director, USC Price Center for Social Innovation
Director, Homelessness Policy Research Institute
The Latino/a Scorecard Report: A Policy Roadmap for Transforming Los Angeles

By: Alliance for a Better Community 
We were pleased to collaborate with the Alliance for a Better Community (ABC) on the recently published report, The Latino/a Scorecard Report: A Policy Roadmap for Transforming Los Angeles which answers a series of critical questions about the opportunities and challenges facing Latino/as in Los Angeles County, and establishes a score in different focus areas. The Scorecard uplifts the assets that Latino/as bring to the county as well as highlight opportunity gaps that have acted as barriers that prevent Latino/a communities from fully thriving. The Scorecard culminates into a report with secondary research analyses and public policy recommendations – informed by issue experts and community – across various areas. These recommendations will be moved forward in advocacy and organizing efforts across each area.
New Data Story:

 Lessons Learned: Cash Payments for the Economically Distressed

By: Aileen Qin
Many residents of Los Angeles struggle to meet their basic needs such as food and safe housing on a daily basis, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only heightened these difficulties for many. College students are particularly vulnerable to being unable to pay for basic necessities due to the existing barriers to employment, combined with the economic downturn and lack of jobs caused by the pandemic. One possible solution to help this at-risk population better meet their basic needs is to provide emergency aid, frequently in the form of cash transfers. These payments ensure that in times of distress, vulnerable populations can meet their basic needs. Further, the lessons learned from cash payments to these at-risk populations can have wider applications for other innovative cash transfer programs like Universal Basic Income.
ICYMI: Social Impact Bonds 2.0
The complexity of social problems, paired with constrained public resources, requires social innovators to identify new approaches for financing the delivery of social services. Social impact bonds (SIBs), which launched approximately ten years ago, offer one such financing mechanism. Learn more about SIBs, which is also referred to as Pay for Success.
Ann Owens
Scholarly Contributions:

Ann Owens, Associate Director of the Price Center for Social Innovation, recently co-authored a new article in the Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness titled "Identifying Progress Toward Ethnoracial Achievement Equity Across U.S. School Districts: A New Approach." Ann and her colleagues explore new ways to quantify progress towards closing the racial achievement gap.
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Our Commitment
In the wake of our nation’s call to dismantle systemic racism in our society, the Price Center is redoubling our commitment to embedding anti-racist values in all of the work that we do. Policy and systems change is necessary to address the deep-rooted structural inequities.
Our map will help our community better understand where cases of COVID-19 exist within the county, as well as the underlying vulnerabilities faced by Los Angeles residents. It is updated daily with information from the LA County Department of Public Health.
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