September 2019
Dear Friends:

Recently, the Price Center published its 2018-2019 Retrospective, which highlights a remarkable year filled with a wide range of research, education, and programs. During the 2018-2019 academic year, the Price Center's research focused on housing stability and homelessness, educational equity, and inclusive hiring practices for justice-involved young adults.

This research was brought to life through a wide range of convenings and educational programs, such as the Southern California Symposium and the annual Social Innovation Summit. The Retrospective takes a close look at each of these notable accomplishments, which I invite you to review below.

As always, thank you for your support of the Price Center, and I look forward to connecting soon.

Gary Painter 
Director, USC Price Center for Social Innovation
Director, Homelessness Policy Research Institute
2018-2019 Retrospective

The 2018-2019 Retrospective reviews a wide range of research, education, and programs at the Price Center. This year, m any of these areas focused on housing stability and homelessness, educational equity, and inclusive hiring practices for justice-involved young adults. Review the retrospective below for more details.
Announcing the NDSC Criminal Justice Data Initiative

The  Neighborhood Data for Social Change  (NDSC), a project of the  USC Price Center for Social Innovation , recently launched the NDSC Criminal Justice Data Initiative, a new one-year project that will aggregate and disseminate neighborhood level criminal justice data for select communities across Los Angeles County. This project is a partnership with Microsoft and the  USC Safe Communities Institute .

Read the story and watch the highlight reel from the first convening below:
New Case Study on Naturally
Occurring Affordable Housing

The Price Center recently produced a case study on Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing (NOAH), a development model that renovates and upgrades aging residential units, resulting in a process that is both quicker and cheaper than constructing new housing units and relies less heavily on government subsidies. The case study provides an in-depth analysis of one particular NOAH development, while also making the case for more extensive regional investment in NOAH renovations.
Everyone In: Combating Rising Homelessness in Los Angeles County

In 2018, Los Angeles County saw its first decrease in homelessness in almost 5 years, only to see it rise again in 2019 to nearly 59,000 people, representing a 12% increase over the past year. Consistent with previous years, 75% of people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles County are unsheltered, meaning they are living on the streets, in vehicles, in abandoned buildings, and in other places not suitable for human habitation.

Despite instances of vocal community  resistance to temporary shelters  and PSH development in neighborhoods, many Angelenos are also stepping up to express their support for their neighbors experiencing homelessness. A number of  grass-roots organizations  have also sprung up as a counter to the organized community resistance to proposed shelters. Concerned citizens are mobilizing to provide services like meals, showers, and housing placement assistance to their homeless neighbors while they wait for Proposition HHH PSH projects to reach completion.

Read the full story below.
University of Southern California Public Policy Expert Dr. Gary Painter on the Economics of the Homelessness Crisis in the U.S. - Written by Matt Walker
USC Launches New Neighborhood Crime Data Initiative
Government Technology - Written by Lucas Ropek
Son of Eagle Rock's Chamber of Commerce President Among the Suspects Arrested in Eagle Rock Brush Fire 'Intentionally Set' Near Homeless Encampment
L.A. Taco - Written by Virali Dave
Price Partners with Microsoft for Criminal Justice Data Project
Daily Trojan - Written by Shaylee Navarro
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