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Christmas has come early!
Now, come on, it never happens! Who has ever heard of prices actually decreasing? Or even not increasing?
Well, we have a surprise for you. See below
New York Pass Price Drop
The New York Pass prices have gone down by a 5 to a staggering 25 USD depending on the length of the pass.

Great news for your clients who will need nothing else to visit New York to the full.
Lisbon Aérobus Price Cut
With the introduction of the new single and return tickets as well as the 48hr, Lisbon have now also lowered their prices for every ticket.

Along with the convenience, it is also extremely cheap for your clients.
Paris Museum Pass

Prices were meant to increase at end December 2018 but it was delayed. They are now frozen until end 2019.
Paris Visite Travel Card

The forecast price increase at the beginning of the year did not happen and prices are now frozen until 31/10/19.
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