Dear longtime customer and friend,

We hope this finds you well. It is always lovely seeing you at our booth at the local Farmers' Market. Thank you for shopping with us!

Here are a couple of things I wanted to share with you.

Bad one first...
We will need to adjust our prices as of March 1, 2019.
We strive to provide you with a great plant based skin care line that is handcrafted with organic ingredients and is free of harsh chemicals.

Good news...
I love Tony's Hemp Salve.  He started his own business this past fall, CYNERGYBDHe makes his salve from scratch with hemp that is locally grown in Laporte, Colorado and organic ingredients that Queen of the Meadow is using in our skin care products.

Over the course of six months, I have been religiously using his salve twice a day on my chronic lower back ache and my hands ( arthritis from wrapping lotion bars).

His salve has been making a big difference! It is keeping my inflammation down and easing my pain. I can highly recommend it! Works also great on tight muscles, acne, skin irritation, and lots more.

We will bring his product to the upcoming Farmers' Markets or you can shop on his website. Feel free to email him with further questions: Find detailed information about his salve here.

Let's think Valentine's Day! We got you covered! Find COUPONS at bottom of this newsletter.

Enjoy a cozy evening.

Daniela and family

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Winter Farmers' Market

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