Price Increase Notice

Effective January 1, 2019
The China Tariffs are starting to kick-in, in a big way and do not seem to be going away anytime soon. Please see the January 1st increases listed below and plan accordingly. 

You might also want to review detailed information on the China Tariffs provided. 

Notice that some manufacturers increases vary widely from no increase to very high percentage increases, even within a given product line. This has to do with what components that make up the specific product, happen to come from China versus US, Mexico, Canada, etc.
Air King Fans                  0-30%
Black Iron Fittings           35%
Black Iron Pipe              Subject to change daily without notice
Coleman                        4-7%
Daikin Ductless              4-7%
Daikin VRV                    3-5%
Diversitech                     0-18%
Fujitsu                            4-7%
Goodman                       3-5%
HW Generators              To be determined
Quietflex Flex Duct         10-12%