Supersack Bulk Bag 
Unloading Station 

C omplete with  bucket elevator, vibratory feeder, 
bagger, dust collector, and controls


New Price: $30,000

Supersack Bulk Bag Unloading station, manufactured by Taylor Products, model number IBC-2000. All stainless steel contacts. System includes Tip Track S-2 Monocoque Z Design bucket elevator. Elevator fed by Eriez HD-36-C Vibratory Feeder. System also includes Taylor TE-10 Jump Vibratory Gross Weigh Bagger and pulse-jet dust collection system. Complete with all associated controls. Very good condition.

Unloaders In Stock:

S710534 Unloader, Bag, Dump, C/st, W/dust Coll & Blower,
S710533 Unloader, Bag, Dump, Vacumax, C/st, Dust Collector, (2)
S741231 Unloader, Bag, S/st, HAF, Bag Break, Dust Coll,
C738211 Unloader, Drum, Graco, 15/60 GPM, S/st, W/mixer (2)
S737663 Unloader, Drum, Graco, S/st, 6 GPM, Mdl C92V, 100 PSI
L737348 Unloader, Drum, Material Transfer, S/st, Portable, Lift,
L737347 Unloader, Drum, Material Transfer, S/st, Tilt, Dump,
S738182 Unloader, Pneumatic, Gas Blower, R6P355A
A736009 Unloader, S/st, 1/4 HP, Pneumatic, Hopper, Smoot,
A740501 Unloader, Supersack, Flexicon, Auger Discharge,
C740238 Unloader, Supersack, Sutorbilt, 11' high, Pneumatic, 10 HP
A741290  Unloader, Supersack, Z-Frame Elevator, Bag Filler, Sealer,

Bag Fillers In Stock: 

S736634 Filler, Bag, 15 Station, S/st
S738665 Filler, Bag, 8 Head, S/st, Eriez, Mdl N4X, 115V
C330146 Filler, Bag, Auger, Stoker, Single, C/st, With Scale,
C330125 Filler, Bag, Esp, Open Mouth, Mdl GBAO-31, 115#, C/st
S730466 Filler, Bag, Line, Open Mouth, Express Scale
S730464 Filler, Bag, Line, Open Mouth, Howe Richards
S732475 Filler, Bag, Modular, Mdl MPB/8000, Frac HP,
C732731 Filler, Bag, Powder, Durant Mdl 200, S/st, Pneumatic
S736633 Filler, Bag, Rotary, 4 Station, S/st, Vibratory Feeder
S740427 Filler, Bag, S/st, Sugiyasu Corp., Open Mouth, Elec Weigh
S330206 Filler, Bag, St. Regis, Pneumatic, Single Spout,
S739812 Filler, Bag, Stoker, Mdl 15VR, C/st, Single, Auger, (2)
S741175 Filler, Bag, Weigh, Stoker, Open Mouth, Air Packer
C739922 Filler, Form,Fill&Seal, Autowrapper, Mdl RC100, Tea Bags,

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