CEF Advisors to Increase Prices for Expanded Data Offerings
Current Rates Increase June 18, 2016
RICHMOND, VA, JUNE 7, 2016- CEF Advisors announces increased data coverage and tools for individual investors and investment professionals in need of better CEF/BDC data with . The firm offers BDC Fund profiles as well as limited free BDC data on

There will also be price increases for their weekly CEF/BDC Universe data service and Daily CEF/BDC News and SEC Filings Alerts. The firm feels the new pricing is a better reflection of the 3000+ hours each quarter the data team spends collecting and reviewing updated information from their CEF/BDC coverage universe as well as adding SEC filing coverage for each fund in their data and news services. Prices will increase on June 18th 2016 for new subscribers, but current subscribers will not see price increases until after June 18th, 2017. Anyone not already a subscriber but who signs up before June 18, 2016 will be considered a current subscriber.  
John Cole Scott, CIO at CEF Advisors and founder of CEF Advisors' data services, said, "We are very pleased with all the progress our data team has made over the years, especially our Data Manager Alex Antal, who manages the team and leads the programming of As I think about where we were with this project last fall, I get very excited to think about what additional tools and reports we will be able to offer our data and consulting clients now and in the future."
Since pricing was last increased in September of 2013 for the weekly Universe Files, CEFA has increased data coverage from 96 CEF data points per week to 235 current CEF data points. They have also added BDC coverage with 210 current data points and have over four years of archived reports available for subscribers via their website.
CEF/BDC Weekly CEF Universe files are going up from $985 per year to $1,240 per year and Daily CEF/BDC News pricing, which now covers SEC filings, is going from $104 per year to $156 per year.

About Closed-End Fund Advisors


Closed-End Fund Advisors is a 27-year-old Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) Firm located in Richmond, Virginia that specializes in CEF/BDC Data, Research, Trading and Portfolio Management. They employ an 8-person data team that collects and enters data from the approximate 600 CEF/BDCs into the firm's proprietary database, The data team collects and reviews every press release, fact card and quarterly updates as well as SEC filings for all CEFs and BDCs.

CEF Advisors offers data and news subscriptions, managed accounts, and hourly or retainer consulting projects. They strive to be at the crossroads of CEF/BDC data, trends, and news and they maintain strong working relationships with managers, peers, analysts, and sponsors.

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