June is Pride Month! In this issue, we share ways to celebrate - in and out of the workplace!

How Glassdoor & Other Companies Celebrate Pride Virtually

Although most in-person Pride celebrations are canceled due to the pandemic, many companies have planned intentional virtual celebrations and programming to honor the importance of Pride and LGBTQ+ communities throughout June. See how companies are virtually celebrating this year!
How to Celebrate Pride in Your Workplace in 2021

“As human resources leaders, we have the power to put our people in the spotlight, showcase photos and stories that make us unique, and highlight our efforts around the importance of celebrating our diverse voices.” Ideas from Kazoo Sr. People & Culture Specialist, Jandee Speegle for Pride Month
---- Other News You Can Use! ----
Hybrid Work: A Guide for Business Leaders
This guide shares what Microsoft is learning across its people, places and processes, as it transitions to hybrid work and the keys to success they are discovering along the way.
Aducanumab: FDA Approves Controversial Alzheimer's Drug 

But does the drug actually slow the progression of the disease when it reduces the plaques? It's not yet clear. Two large studies offered conflicting evidence about whether the treatment slows declines in memory and thinking. A panel of expert advisers to the FDA recommended in November that the agency not approve the drug.
Wellbeats Diversity and Inclusion Initiative
Wellbeats is inviting companies to celebrate and raise awareness for diversity, inclusiveness and wellbeing during national Pride Month this June. Employees can join the “Show Your Pride Challenge” with a variety of classes showcasing fitness, nutrition and mindfulness for all ages, genders and ability levels.
VIDEO: 'Is my skin not important?'
After finding unexplained dark marks on her skin which she couldn’t explain, BBC reporter Bree Johnson decided to investigate why it seems harder to diagnose skin conditions on non-white people. She speaks to Kanayo Dike-Oduah, who nearly died as a result of a rare skin disorder, and to Malone Mukwende, who wrote a guide to help medical professionals diagnose clinical signs on black and brown skin.
Things to do This Summer
Here is a sampling of events through Labor Day and how to attend or tune in (all times are local). Note that events are subject to change after publication.
How to Transform the U.S. Mental Health System: Evidence Based Recommendations

True to Otsuka’s purpose and commitment to serve patients living with serious mental illness, they are proud to have funded the Rand Corporation’s Research Report How to Transform the U.S. Mental Health System: Evidence Based Recommendations (full report / executive summary). 

The authors broadly examined three questions: 
  1. How can policy changes at all levels of government effect broad transformational change to improve the lives of millions of Americans living with mental illness?
  2. What are the best practices and recent innovations in the mental health sector?
  3. What opportunities for change in the mental health care system are supported by the research literature?

The authors conclude for change to occur, politicians, public administrators, advocates, and policy experts need to coalesce around a focused set of objectives. To this end, the authors provide analysis and recommendations in 15 areas where there is potential for transformative change that can improve the lives of the more than 60 million Americans affected by mental illness.
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