I have received quite a few messages from people asking about the move of the date of Priesthood Sunday from the end of October to the end of September. The principal reason for the change of date is to allow more time between the celebration of Priesthood Sunday and National Vocation Awareness Week, which is a welcome change! If by chance, this is catching you off guard, just celebrate it in October. 99.9% of the people will not know of the change or when Priesthood Sunday is supposed to be celebrated.

If you have not planned something to do just yet, focus on awareness of the day by using the below bulletin blurb and announcement at Mass. Do ask your Deacon to announce this day at the Masses and give your priest a well-deserved round of applause. If a deacon is not available, ask if a Parish Council member or Vocation Ministry member can make the announcement!

Bulletin Blurbs – Example
Please join the Vocation Ministry today Priesthood Sunday in praying for our priests, praising God for their courage and their generosity. Let us show Fr. A and Fr. B our encouragement and gratitude in thoughts and deeds. God bless our priests!

Announcement before or after Mass – Example
Please join me on this special day Priesthood Sunday in praying for our priests, in praising God for their courage and their generosity. Along with prayer, the Vocation Ministry invites you to take a moment after Mass to write a note of appreciation to one or all our priests. Let Fr. J, Fr. C, and Fr. V know something they have done that has impacted you personally to assure him of your loving care and gratitude for his presence in the life of our church community. God bless our priests!

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