Camp McDowell 

Primary 2 Camp

Participant Information


Dear Primary Campers, 

I’m so excited about camp this summer! Lots of plans are in the works for a great session so I hope you’ll be ready to have some fun. My name is Sarah Smith Halloran and I will be your Camp Session Director. I was ordained a priest in 2016, but moved to Alabama in 2021. I currently serve with the people at Grace Episcopal Church in Pike Road (near Montgomery). Before I went to seminary I worked at several different camps, including Camp Beckwith in Fairhope, AL. This will only be my second summer at Camp McDowell, so if you’re new too, we’ll figure it out together. For all of you who have been to camp many times – I look forward to you showing me around! My husband, Colin, and our daughters, Arden (2), and Larkin (8 months for camp) are coming too and we’re really excited that Katy Pass, a United Methodist seminarian in Washington DC, will be joining our team. 

Our theme for Primary camp comes from the psalms. In Psalm 104 we read about praising God for all of God’s creativity and vast creation, but in particular how God created the Leviathan just for the sake of playing in the ocean! If sea monsters were created for play, surely God delights when we enjoy playing too!  

Of course, in addition to that program time there will be plenty of time for hikes, games, swimming, and much more. Our camp session begins on Friday August 4th. I know you’re excited to get there, but please don’t arrive before 3pm. Registration will be from 3-5pm. Camp will conclude after lunch on Sunday.  

You’ll receive lots of other information from camp about what to bring, camp policies, and practices, but especially remember that you should leave at home anything that might distract you from fully participating in camp (cell phone, video games, etc). And I know you know this, but to be clear: drugs, alcohol, weapons, and tobacco are not allowed at camp. 

So looking forward to spending time with you at Wonderful, Wonderful Camp McDowell! 

Stay well, 



Primary I and Primary II are weekend Summer Camp sessions designed for rising 1st/2nd/3rd grade campers to attend with one adult. At Primary Camp, everyone is a camper! The children are the “little campers” and the adults are the “big campers”. Big and little campers experience and participate together as campers while our enthusiastic staff members take care of the details. 

Primary Camp activities include swimming, farming, canoeing, hiking and arts & crafts. Campers rotate through each activity with their ‘activity group’ and then choose their favorite activity to do again on Sunday morning! Primary Camp, like all Summer Camp sessions, also includes a spiritually-themed program which is age-appropriate for the little campers and entertaining for the big campers. During “rest time” after lunch on Saturday, the little campers are invited to stay in Eppes Hall with our staff. This gives our big campers a little free time to rest on their own, explore Camp, read, etc. On Saturday night, all campers go to a cookout on the ball field (“Pasture Party”) complete with games, watermelon, and a hayride. Both nights come to a close with group worship in the Chapel down the hill. Many campers find this peaceful end to a fun-filled day to be among their most cherished memories of Camp. 

After worship, it is bedtime for the little campers and any big campers who are ready for sleep! For those big campers who choose, their little camper may go back to the cabins with the cabin counselor (a college-aged Summer Staff member) while the big campers enjoy snacks and fellowship with other adults in the Rec Hall. 

The adult that attends with the child may be a mother, father, godparent or other relative or special friend. All campers stay together in Summer Camp cabins (down the hill) along with other big and little campers, dorm-style. As noted, a college-aged cabin counselor (Camp McDowell Summer Staff) also stays in the cabin. For little campers and big campers of opposite genders (such as a son attending with his mother), the cabin counselor will serve as the little camper’s parent while in the cabin. Primary Camp is a wonderful and rare opportunity to enjoy quality time with your ‘little’ camper, as well as a little time to yourself, in the setting of Christian Camp community. We look forward to you joining us in “God’s Backyard!”


DATE/TIME: Friday, August 4th 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm 

LOCATION: Camp Store

105 DeLong Road

Nauvoo, AL 35578 

When you arrive at Camp, continue on DeLong Road for about a mile. Check in will be right before the store where you will see a tent set up. Please stop, stay in your car and wait for a staff member to get your cabin and activity group assignment. After that you will drop off meds at the Health Hut, move into your cabin, and park your car up the hill. The pool will be open for swim tests and we will have arts and crafts activities available. The Camp Store will be the first building on your left. The store will be open if you want to stop in! When you pass the store, stay to the left. 

CHECK OUT DATE/TIME: Sunday, August 6th at 12:30 pm after lunch. We will have a closing worship service with Eucharist Sunday morning, and lunch following immediately after. See the Sample schedule below. If you cannot stay for lunch, please let us know prior to the weekend so that our wonderful kitchen team can have an accurate headcount for lunch. 


Each camper (big campers and little campers) must register individually as campers. The registration fee for Primary Camp is $165 per person ($330 total for two people, etc.). You may submit payments in your online account, over the phone, or by post mail 10 days prior to opening day.

Online payments may be made in your Camp McDowell camper account. Access your camper account through

NOTE: If you have misplaced your password, you may request a new one on the login page.

COMMUNICATION (cell phone, email, device policy)

We try very hard to be “the way the world could be”. Part of this goal is getting totally unplugged for a short time and being present with those around you during Primary Camp. We ask that you either do not bring your phone with you or that you be discreet and considerate if you need to use your phone at any time during the retreat. 

Urgent: Should you need to reach anyone while at Camp, please contact Clear Creek Coordinator, A.G. Passey, at 205.387.1806 ext 112 or 



3:00  Registration at Camp Store, move into cabins 

5:30  Cabin Meetings

6:00  Supper in Eppes Dining Hall 

6:45  Community Time in Rec Hall: games, welcome, staff intros, review camp rules 

7:30  Chapel: Program Intro, Singing, Compline (night time worship)

8:00  Little campers go to cabins with cabin counselors to get ready for bed

Big campers stay in Chapel for Big Camper meeting. 

Snacks & fellowship following in Eppes Hall.


7:30  Wake up bell

7:55  Porch Songs

8:00  Breakfast & Announcements

9:00  Program in Eppes - arrive dressed for your activity

9:15  1st Activity Period* (Canoe/Pool/Hike/Arts & Crafts)

10:30 Lemonade & Water break

10:45 2nd Activity Period* (Canoe/Pool/Hike/Arts & Crafts)

11:55  Porch Songs

12:00 Lunch & Announcements

12:45 Rest time for Little Campers in Eppes Hall; Free time/rest time for Big Campers (High Ropes will also be offered for Big Campers at this time)

2:30  3rd Activity Period* (Canoe/Pool/Hike/Arts & Crafts)

3:45  Canteen in Rec Hall (Cost of Canteen is already covered in Registration Fees) 

4:15  4th Activity Period* (Canoe/Pool/Hike/Arts & Crafts)

6:15  Pasture Party & Hayride

8:00  Walk down hill to Chapel

8:30  Little Campers go to cabins

Big Campers: optional snacks & fellowship in Rec Hall.


7:30  Wake up bell

7:50  Porch Songs

8:00 Breakfast & Announcements

9:00 Eucharist (worship service) in Ascension Chapel down the hill

10:00 Lemonade & water break

10:30 Activity of your choice (Canoe/Pool/Farm/Arts & Crafts/Hike)

11:45  Porch Songs

12:00 Lunch & Announcements 

12:30 Go In Peace! 


Campers will be housed in dorm-style cabins. Beds are twin sized. Suggested containers for clothes include a large suitcase, trunk, or plastic container that can go at the end of the bed. Also suggested is a basket or bag for dirty laundry and a toiletry bag or shower caddy. All cabins have heat and air conditioning with ionizer air filtration systems. PLEASE LABEL IMPORTANT BELONGINGS WITH CAMPER NAME. Lost and found items IF FOUND may be mailed back to campers for a fee with possible delays.

  • Comfortable, casual clothes that can get dirty ( t-shirts, shorts, jeans). Lightweight, loose-fitting clothes are best.
  • Socks and sturdy, closed-toe shoes for working, playing, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Flip flops are only allowed in cabins. If bringing sandals, please bring sandals with a heel strap.
  • Light rain jacket or coat
  • Comfortable, appropriate swimwear (tankinis, one-pieces, or a bikini with shirt over top, swim trunks)
  • Clothing appropriate for the weather
  • Bedding and pillow for a twin bed
  • Picnic blanket for pasture party 
  • Towels for bathing
  • Towels for swimming
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Repellent
  • Toiletries: Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Deodorant, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, brush/comb
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Sleepwear
  • Flashlight
  • Fan (preferably one with a clip) and extension cord if needed. 
  • Reusable water bottle – to be filled during hydration breaks at the various activity sites each day. NOTE: Our Camp Store has sturdy, 32 oz water bottles available for purchase.
  • Outfits for dress-up themed meals:
  • Breakfast- Mini Me: match with your guardian/parent
  • Dinner- Pasture Party: overalls, bandannas, plaid, country/texas wear!
  • Breakfast- Gone Camping: wear your favorite Camp McDowell Merchandise or any camping clothes
  • Options for suggested quiet time each day: Bible, book to read, journal, writing supplies, pre-addressed and stamped envelopes for writing home, art supplies
  • Musical instruments for free time and assisting with worship
  • Any prescriptions and over the counter meds should be ready to turn in to the nurse upon check-in. See Below for more information. 

Things NOT to bring:

  • Alcohol, illegal drugs, or weapons of any kind; Fireworks or any explosive devices
  • Youth may not bring tobacco, tobacco products, or electronic cigarettes (including JUULS)
  • Snacks ARE allowed, but MUST BE IN AIRTIGHT CONTAINERS and they CANNOT CONTAIN ANY NUTS or NUT PRODUCTS. Many of our campers have nut allergies. Crumbs will attract insects in our cabins. Thank you in advance for keeping our campers with allergies safe and the cabins as bug-free as possible!

Additional Money (Optional): 

  • The fee for the session includes canteen costs. There is no need to submit extra money for canteen. Campers get two snacks each at canteen Saturday
  • We will collect an offering at our closing worship service for the Camper Scholarship Fund. Please consider making a contribution. 
  • The Camp Store will be open during check-out if you would like to purchase any camp gear including shirts, water bottles, toiletries, candy and more. To create care packages for your camper please order ahead of your session via the website and follow these instructions at checkout: 

If you are ordering a Care Package for a summer camp session, choose "In-store Pickup."

Specify in the COMMENTS on the following page this information:

  1. First and last name of camper
  2. Session the care package is for (i.e. Middler, Junior High 2, etc.)
  3. Day you want the care package delivered (note that care packages are NOT delivered on opening or closing days of sessions)
  4. How should the package be signed? (i.e. Love, Nana)

**MEDICATIONS NOTE: For safety and per Camp’s liability, all medications must be kept in the Health Hut or locked in your car (all cars are parked up the hill). Camp’s liability does not allow medications to be stored where children are housed. Thank you in advance for understanding. 

Primary 2: Health and Safety Response to COVID-19

This is a copy of the waiver you should complete online via your 

CampBrain registration account before your session begins. 


Health and Safety Protocols  At Camp McDowell, we remain committed to providing a safe, clean, and healthy environment for our staff and campers. As we plan we are consulting multiple resources including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), ACA, and ECCC to review and adapt our health and safety practices and procedures in response to COVID-19. The safety of each staff member and summer camper depends on your family’s compliance with these procedures. We ask all summer camp participants to abide by these protocols to help ensure the safest possible summer at Camp McDowell: 

  • Should any camper test above 100.4 degrees at any point they will be taken to the nurse and their guardian will be notified immediately to come pick up the camper. The camper may only return to their session if 48 hours have passed without high temperature readings or symptoms appearing.
  • I understand that if my camper exhibits symptoms of Covid-19 or receives a temperature read of 100.4 degrees or higher I will be notified immediately and my camper will stay in quarantine until they can be picked up by a legal guardian and taken for testing. I understand that transportation and testing will be my responsibility.
  • I promise not to bring my camper if they have exhibited symptoms of Covid-19 or had a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher in the last 48hrs. 
  • I promise to notify Camp McDowell if my camper has traveled out of the country in the last 7 days.
  • I understand there is no guarantee my camper won’t be exposed to Covid-19 while at Camp McDowell, and I agree that Camp McDowell and its affiliates will not be held liable if my camper develops a case of Covid-19 during or after their session.