Primary Care Update on COVID-19
April 15, 2020
If you received this from a colleague and wish to receive updates directly
These are important practice changing updates to be aware of today for managing your patients during this pandemic.
Input Health Navigator launched yesterday and STEGH Assessment Centre opens TODAY
Thank you to the 29 MDs and NPs that have registered for Input Health COVID-19 Navigator. Please review your emails from me about this and email if you have questions about how to use it or to onboard if you haven't already.

The STEGH Assessment Centre is now open, by appointment only. The ideal process is for your office or you to have the patient do the input health tool, if they need telephone assessment this will come to you in the navigator and you would assess if they need a swab or assessment and then call to book them into the assessment centre.

Click on the picture to the left to download the Algorithm. Discard any previous versions you may have seen. Do not call the ER now that the assessment centre is open, unless you are sending in a patient you feel is unstable or potentially needing admission.

Please read the STEGH Memo to Primary Care HERE for details.
PPE Reporting and Orders
Click HERE or the current process and links for reporting your PPE Supplies to the MOH and to the OMA and for ordering urgent supplies. There have been supplies flowing but primary care is not considered urgent at this time as the restock nursing homes, retirement homes, shelters, group homes and other congregate living facilities. If you cannot wait for PPE from this provincial supply, you can email Paul Jenkins at as there is a collection of donated masks, cloth gowns and other supplies from local businesses you can access.
If there are non-hospital COVID-19 related issues/solutions in your region, please escalate them to your
Regional Pandemic Clinical Lead
(tasked by Ontario Health West to facilitate, coordinate, and engage with stakeholders for the pandemic response within the SW LHIN area RE: primary care/vulnerable populations)...structure HERE .
Dr. Kellie Scott