Primary Care Update on COVID-19 in the SW
COVID-19 Related Resource Bundle
March 29, 2020
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Colleagues, we recognize the challenges that the last few weeks have brought and applaud the leadership each of you continue to exemplify in each of your clinical roles. In hopes of supporting you and collating materials in one place we have attached the following bundles below and hope you find them useful. We will provide updates if and when directions change.

Clinical Tools

  • Public Health Swab Recommendations Update. Public health will now accept ANY swabs sent for processing however will continue to prioritize admitted patients and health care workers given current supply chain limitations. This document outlines recommendations for appropriateness.

Personal Protective Equipment
More PPE Supplies are coming soon! Work is being conducted to create a virtual inventory of PPE supplies on regional and provincial levels. Please review these documents on appropriate use and stewardship/conservation of PPE in your practice and with your staff. You'll soon receive a reporting tool to inventory the PPE you have on hand.
Practice Management, Billing and HR
You've likely encountered some practice management issues you never thought you'd had to deal with: business continuity, laying off staff, changing job descriptions, not being able to pay the bills, deciding if someone is ok to return to work after COVID symptoms as their employer. These resources will answer many of your questions. Billing resources are also found in this section.
If there are non-hospital COVID-19 related issues/solutions in your region, please escalate them to your
Regional Pandemic Clinical Lead
(tasked by Ontario Health West to facilitate, coordinate, and engage with stakeholders for the pandemic response within the SW LHIN area RE: primary care/vulnerable populations)...structure HERE .
Dr. Rachel Orchard
Dr. Paul Gill
Chair, SW Primary Care/Vulnerable Pop'n Response
Dr. Kellie Scott
Dr. Gordon Schacter
Co-Chair, SW Prim Care/Vulnerable Pop'n Response
Dr. Keith Dyke