Saturday, April 30, 2022
End-of-Life Issues and Medicalized Killing
John Flamini, MD shared his "End-of-Life Issues and Medicalized Killing" presentation this past Monday evening as a service to the local pro-life community and a favor to People for Life. It was excellent. It is always best to hear about a topic from someone with first-hand experience as well as extensive knowledge.

Dr. Flamini gave his talk at the Blasco Memorial Library, in Admiral Room, which we reserve from time to time.

See the presentation for yourself on the People for Life YouTube channel. It will be well-worth your time, whether as an introduction to this very important topic, an update and refresher, or simply a look at the issues from a different perspective.
Primary Election Update
Michelle Previte, a candidate for the Republican State Committee, was inadvertently omitted from our report on the party state committee candidates in the May issue of the Erie Echo newsletter (page 4). She had, in fact, promptly return her questionnaire, with ALL pro-life responses. We apologize to the candidate and to our readers for the mistake.

Two other questionnaires were received just a little too late to include in the newsletter before it went to the printer.

Those responses were from incumbent state Representative Parke Wentling, now running for reelection in the reorganized 7th Legislative District, and from Jezree Friend, who is running for a seat on the Pennsylvania Republican State Committee. Both candidates gave pro-life responses to each of the questions.

The questions covered the following subjects: abortion prohibition (protection under the law for human beings prior to birth); modest, common-sense protections for abortion-minded and abortion-bound women (informed consent, waiting period, parental involvement); taxpayer funding of abortion, assisted suicide, embryo-destructive medical activities, and conscience protection for health care workers.

Click here to review the original report in the Erie Echo newsletter (page 2).
Mother's Day Carnation Project
Preparations for the annual Mother's Day Carnation Project are well underway.

The process is a lengthy one. We begin in February by mailing a notice to approximately 375 Erie-area churches.

The carnation varieties were selected and paid for in early March. This year, our order totals 14,600 carnations and 250 pink roses.

A team of five people makes the necessary phone calls, text messages, and emails to our church contacts beginning in late March.

As of this hour, 106 churches and 2 local businesses are on board. Church No. 106 phoned-in its order just within the last two hours or so. We also have carnations reserved for our booth at the Millcreek Mall, which will be open all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Most of the really labor-intensive, volunteer-intensive work will be accomplished next week. Volunteers will be needed throughout the entire Mother's Day weekend, but especially on Friday, May 6.

At this time there are still about 20 dozen carnations that have not been reserved. So, we are waiting for a few more requests.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Mother's Day Carnation Project, call or text 814-882-1333 or send us an email.
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