Asynchronous Day Friday, March 5

The next asynchronous learning day will be Friday, March 5. As we did on our last asynchronous day, there will be no live Zoom classes on that day. We ask that students stay home where possible. This will give our teachers a chance to plan for upcoming lessons and work on some ongoing professional development. 

If, however, your child needs to be on campus that day, we will have staff onsite to monitor students while they complete work via their individual devices. Please complete this form by 8 am Thursday, March 4 for each child who requires on-campus supervision so that we know how many staff members we will need to supervise students.
Food Drive Delivers Nearly 800 Items

Thank you for your generous donations to the 5th Grade Food Drive. With your help, we were able to collect close to 800 items of food that were donated to help members of our community.

We were even able to pass on some pantry staples directly to families last weekend when store shelves emptied during the storm!
Meridian Masks and Funky Socks Raise Money for the School, Provide School Supplies in Uganda
Meridian School is excited to partner with We Help Two to sell custom Meridian mask packs and funky socks. Order through through Sunday, March 7.

The masks come in a pack of 3 for $20 and proceeds from the mask sales go toward next year’s 8th/9th grade field trip. The masks will be delivered to your child at school or available for pick-up for distance learners after spring break.

Funky socks are back, and we are excited about some fun new sock designs and some fan favorites from last year. Socks ship directly to your house, and proceeds from these sales help to provide money and supplies for children to attend school in Uganda. Packs include three pairs of socks for $12.
Yearbook Picture Day is Thursday, March 4

For all K-11 students who have not yet taken a yearbook photo or who need a retake. Face-to-Face (On Campus) Learners will take their photos during the school day. Distance Learners will register for individual time slots that are available between 10:30 am – noon and from 5 pm – 7 pm. Learn more.
Vision and Hearing Screenings Take Place March 1-8

The Health Team will conduct state-mandated hearing and vision screenings for all on-campus students in Kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, and 5th grades during PE classes from March 1 – March 8. New-to-Meridian students in any primary grade will be screened as well.

Please remind students who wear glasses to bring them on those dates.

We hope to screen students in distance learning at a later date. If you have questions, please contact us at 
Triple A Transition

We want to take a moment to wish our Triple A Assistant Manager, Amy Flanigin, the best as she starts a new position at a local mortgage company. Friday is her last day here at Meridian, and we will miss her positive attitude, creative ideas for Primary Enrichment Specials, and engaging with our students! Thank you, Amy! Triple A Receptionist Aliza Rutter will transition to lead Enrichment Specials starting next week.
Q4 Commitment Forms Due March 5

Our 4th quarter begins March 22. If you wish to switch the method of learning in which your student is currently enrolled (distance learning or on-campus learning) for the 4th quarter, we will send an email Friday to the primary parent on your child's enrollment form. Please fill out the appropriate form by Friday, March 5.

If you wish to continue in the method of learning in which you are currently enrolled for the final quarter of the school year, then no action is needed!
Counselor Speaker Series: Megan Ibanez shares, "Grief and Children: Understanding and Supporting during Difficult Times"
Grief is about loss, and loss is not just about death. It can be a divorce, moving to a new home or school, changes in school or home routines due to Covid, loss of a friendship or even loss of social status amongst peers. 

Megan Ibanez joins us from Central Texas Child and Family Counseling to share how to recognize grief in ourselves and in our children, and to bring us hope.

What are healthy ways to face our grief and how can we help our children process through it? What is normal and what signs should we look for that suggest that the normal path of grief might be taking a more complicated form? The stages of grief are not linear nor succinct, They can't be forced into a special shape. But, we can learn how to be compassionate to ourselves and to our children to support them on our very human journey. Access the video at any time; enter passcode: 39^7kvY#
Look for Lunch Bunch links, lesson plans, and more from our Primary Counselors.
Upcoming Events At-A-Glance
  • February Cafeteria Calendar: Breakfast and Lunch and Distance Learning menus
  • Vision/Hearing exams: March 1-8
  • Yearbook Photo Day: March 4
  • Asynchronous Learning Days: March 5, April 30
Melissa Reese, Campus Principal
Ashley Larkey, Assistant Principal, Grades K,2,4
Beverly Al-Tabatabaie, Assistant Principal, Gr 1,3,5
Nancy Spence, Counselor 3-5
Staci Louth, Counselor K-2
Susan Mais, Primary Special Education Coordinator
Leah Lieurance, PYP Coordinator
Emily Murray, Primary Attendance
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Leslie Sterzinger, Chef & Food Services Director