News and Updates
There are new entry points for Primary students to reduce congestion:
(see arrival map below for visual)

  • Kindergarten - red door by Kindergarten
  • 1st grade - Front double exterior doors into lobby, enter yellow doors of lobby.
  • 2nd grade - Front exterior door on right side of lobby, walk through blue doors of lobby.
  • 3rd and 4th grade - blacktop door 
  • 5th grade - exterior door to 5th grade wing
  • Breakfast eaters - enter through courtyard

There will be markers on ground to mark spots for students to wait in line to enter. 

Door monitors will stand at the door with a bottle of hand sanitizer and squirt sanitizer into hands of all entering students. 

High school students will be directed to walk around. They may not walk younger siblings to class or come through the primary lobby.

Of course, we will have plenty of staff on hand to help with where to go. And on the first day, kindergarten parents can park and walk their child up to the red outside door to give one last hug and kiss to help with first day butterflies.

Note: Primary Pride newsletters are saved under the Newsletters tab on our website so that you can always find them and refer back to them.
Phone interface PikMyKid
Car Line Details: Important Updates

Car tags have been mailed to Kindergarten and 1st Grade students who will be learning on campus starting Monday. Car tag numbers will change due to the new PikMyKid app.

We are finalizing set up for PikMyKid this week. The app includes a daily health screening for you to complete each morning before bringing your child to school and a way to announce when you're on campus for pick up in the afternoon.

Once we have finalized set up, we will send out an email later this week detailing how to register for PikMyKid and how to use the app, as well as more information on your new car tags. We have training materials ready to help this process run as smoothly as possible!

If you have already downloaded the app, please wait before making delegations or calendar changes until after we send the PikMyKid email later this week, or your changes will not be saved, as we are still making updates on our end.

Car tags will be sent out to additional grades at a later date.
Arrival Procedures

Our primary campus is open from 7:30 am to 8 am for arrival. Please do not arrive earlier; we will not have staff onsite. All vehicles should arrive via Mays St. 
If you have K-4th graders in the car who will not eat breakfast at the school, follow the yellow car line for drop off in front of the school. (If a sibling is in 5th grade, you may still use this line).

If you have 5th graders with no younger siblings, or if your children will eat breakfast on campus, then follow the green line to the east of the middle school building for drop off on the side of the primary campus.  
Dismissal Procedures
Primary dismissal starts at 3:35 pm (1:05 pm on Wednesdays). All vehicles should arrive via Mays St. 

If you have K-2nd graders to pick up (and siblings), follow the yellow or blue car lines. Both will merge closer to the building. 

If you have 3rd-5th graders to pick up (no younger siblings), please follow the green line behind the middle school building for pickup on the side of the primary campus.
Uniforms and Masks
Uniform shirts for Primary
Uniforms are required for on-campus learning. Primary uniform rules can be found on the website. This year, jeans may be worn every day, including jean shorts. Shoes and masks must follow the dress code.

Meridian requires the use of masks (See page 8) for all students and staff unless otherwise medically indicated by a physician. Always keep at least one additional mask with your child's name on it in a sealed plastic bag inside your child’s backpack for use if the mask they are wearing becomes soiled.
A reminder: if you plan on returning to on campus instruction, please read our Reopening Protocols. You'll find policies for what to bring to campus, what to do if sick or traveling, social distancing guidelines, and much more.
School Pictures for Kindergarten and First Grade

Lifetouch will be on campus Thursday, September 24, to take on-campus students’ pictures for the fall. They are going to work with us all year to be on campus at different times to take pictures in smaller groups and work with us to take the pictures for distance learners as well. Stay tuned for more information about alternate dates.
Parent Meeting Thursday

The first parent meeting of the school year is Thursday, Sept. 17 at 6 pm. Join us to hear updates from school leadership on what is happening at Meridian - both on campus and virtually! 

Find the Zoom webinar link here.

Volunteers in Partnership will host an after-party for a parent meet and greet! Zoom link will be posted during the parent meeting.
Upcoming Events At-A-Glance
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