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Palmyra Macedon Primary School
Palmyra Macedon Primary School

RCSD School _33
RCSD School #33
Creative Ways to Celebrate

Pictured are a few examples of ways that schools are celebrating 60 years of Primary Project. 

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 South Buffalo Charter School _More ideas on how to celebrate
South Buffalo Charter School

Primary Project Conference

Earlier this year, Primary Project teams from New York State and Florida gathered in Rochester, NY to celebrate Primary Project's 60th birthday! The conference provided time to celebrate and reflect on Project's rich history and all those that have contributed to Primary Project's successes along the way. It provided an outlet for school based teams to connect and opportunities for networking and let's not forget the valuable professional development sessions that were offered over two days that helped to strengthen and grow our skills in this early intervention program.
Lake George Elementary
Program History Highlight

A part of Primary Project's rich history are districts and schools that have sustained this valuable program and support to young students for many years. The team pictured here is from Lake George Elementary in Lake George, NY. Primary Project has been a staple in this school for 29 years! Andrea Hayes (pictured on left) has been the child associate at this building for 20 years until she recently retired at the end of the 2016 school year. Ann Moellman (pictured on right), the school social worker, has been the Primary Project supervisor and providing program oversight and leadership for 18 years. We often hear from associates that the hardest part in leaving their positions is the children and making sure that the right person is identified to continue in this role. The match here could not be more perfect! The child associate torch has been passed on to Lynsey Whiting (pictured in center). Lynsey has continued to foster those special relationships with young students at Lake George Elementary and she just so happens to be Andrea's daughter. Finding the right team contributes to program successes!

An Invitation to Visit Schools

This year we extended invitations to our NYS assembly and senate representatives to visit schools in their district and hear more about Primary Project and its impact on students. Several visits occurred and we are appreciative of all the teams that hosted a visit and shared information about Primary Project implementation in their schools. Pictured below are Primary Project teams and school officials from Cooperstown, Milford and Stuart M. Townsend (Hadley Luzerne Central School District) Elementary schools.

Lake George Elementary

Cooperstown, Milford Elementary School  L-R: Duncan Davie, Chief of Staff for Senator James Seward (51st Senate District), Kara Rutledge, Child Associate Cooperstown & Milford Elementary, Christine McBrearty-Hulse, School Counselor (Cooperstown), Nicole Lippitt, School Counselor (Milford), Ann Meccariello, Elementary Principal (Cooperstown), Lauri Strano, Director of Programs and Services (Children's Institute), Dr. William Crankshaw, Superintendent of Schools (Cooperstown).

Stuart M. Townsend Elementary School

Stuart M. Townsend Elementary School L-R:  Margo Nelson, Child Associate, Meghan Amatrano, School Psychologist, Jennifer Lunt, Educational Analyst from Senator Betty Little's office, Ethel Ann Pilleskey-Rituno, Primary Project Parent, Mr. Patrick Cronin, Elementary School Principal, Beecher Baker, Superintendent of Schools, Lynn Smith, Co-Director of Primary Project.

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