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The Democratic primary elections are right around the corner and it's time to get ready to VOTE.

Don't forget that in order to vote, you must be a registered Democrat. Tomorrow, May 28, is the New York voter registration deadline. Early voting starts on June 12, and absentee ballots are already going out. Don't forget to register to vote, and ask your friends and family if they are registered too.

During these pivotal elections, registered Democrats have the power to elect the next mayorcomptroller, borough presidentpublic advocateSurrogate's Court judgecivil court judges, district attorney and city council members -- including at least 35 new members due to term limits. It is also the first time New Yorkers will vote using ranked choice. To learn more about Ranked-Choice Voting and what to expect on your ballot, you can visit
Rank the Vote

Rank the Vote NYC was founded in 2019 to bring Ranked Choice Voting to New York City. After our historic win, we have since shifted to educating voters, candidates & campaigns and community groups on the upcoming changes to our local elections in ...

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Voting is vital to enact positive change in this pivotal moment, and it is the most important way for you to participate in our Democracy. The Kings County Democratic Party wants to make sure your voice is heard.

Here are a few other steps you can take ahead of Election Day to make sure there are no surprises.

  • Check your voter registration status here.
  • Learn who will be on your ballot by using this Sample Ballot Lookup tool and selecting the "June 22, 2021" election.
  • Find your early voting site and regular poll place here.

If you're looking to get involved, help us grow our voter base and build Democratic power, you can help unregistered individuals register to vote and keep NY blue! Visit our online voting center to learn more.
May 28: Voter registration deadline
June 15: Absentee ballot request deadline
June 12: Early voting starts
June 20: Early voting ends
June 22: Election Day & absentee ballot return deadline
In New York State, you can request an absentee ballot due to risk of illness, including COVID-19. If you are electing to vote by mail because of this risk, you should select the "temporary illness or physical disability" option on your ballot. Request your ballot at the link above or by visiting here.
We represent Democrats from every corner of this borough, all part of the largest county party in the country. We are an inclusive and diverse organization with leaders and activists from every neighborhood of Brooklyn.
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