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January 2017 


The Copyright Review Management System: Opening Doors to the Public Domain  

What is and isn't in the public domain is not cut-and-dry. The University of Michigan Library and its partners created a system that ultimately determined the copyright status of over 650,000 books in HathiTrust. Read more


Collections Assessment for Preservation (CAP) Program Applications Opening
The new CAP program will accept applications through March 1, 2017. Read more

Seven Board Members Added to the National Museum and Library Services Board 
A slate of seasoned museum and library professionals were appointed to serve on the National Museum and Library Services Board. Read more

Report Describes New Frameworks for Museums and Libraries to Strengthen Community Involvement 
A new report from the Institute of Museum and Library Services and Reinvestment Fund provides insights for libraries and museums to connect with their communities in newer and deeper ways. Read more


Beyond the Rural Library's Walls
An IMLS grant project is supporting research on the information ecosystem of rural regions, seeking to understand the role of libraries and programs such as loaned hotspots. Read more

Beaded Words: Poetry and Art Woven Together
Joey Reisberg received his first assignment as one of the five class of 2016 National Student Poets: travel to the nearest museum and write a persona poem about a piece of artwork.  
Read more

Community Catalyst Blog Series

Community Catalyst: Community Work Requires Finding Just the Right Ingredients
When attempting to engage with your community there is no fixed recipe. Rather you need to be an adaptable cook who successfully blends what's available. Read more

A Look at "Most Likely to Succeed" Indicators
number of early indicators can be used to help identify what projects are "most likely to succeed."  Read more

At Nurture Nature Center - Learning What Matters, a Community's Voice
With the Easton Matters project, the Nurture Nature center sent a strong message of caring to Easton residents and built their credibility as a community resource. Read more

Saint Paul Public Library Tackles Racial Equity Initiative
As part of a city-wide racial equity initiative, the Saint Paul Public Library implemented changes in workforce, policies, and public programs to better mirror and serve the diverse city. Read more

Amazement Square's Holistic Approach to Address the Needs of Underserved Early Learners
Amazement Square collaborates with early learning centers using a model that provides intensive mentoring with center staff. The museum is partnering to expand the program to meet local demand. Read more

Creating Real Community Change Requires Institutions to Stretch
We know a deeper understanding of working with communities to bring about positive change is needed. The hard part is getting it done. Many libraries, archives, and museums are stretching to understand how others see community challenges and opportunities and learning how to begin the process of change. Read more


New Partners for Smart Growth Conference: Dr. Kathryn K. Matthew, Director; St. Louis, MO, February 2-4
Early Childhood Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Conference (ECSTEM): Reagan Moore, Museum Program Specialist; Pasadena, CA, February 3-4
Knight Foundation Libraries and New Media Conferences: Maura Marx, Deputy Director for Libraries; Miami, FL, February 10-14
Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) Dialogues 2017, "Reigniting Research: Identifying and Pursuing Diverse Options," Connie Bodner, Supervisory Grants Management Specialist; and Ashley Sands, Senior Library Program Officer; Arlington, VA, February 17
Small Museums Association Conference: Mark Feitl, Museum Program Specialist; College Park, MD, February 19-21
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