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September 2016 

The Nisenan Tribe, an unrecognized tribal community in California, has a long history of being forgotten. But with the help of a project that brought together tribes, libraries and communities, their story is finally coming to light.  Read more


IMLS and FSG Launch Initiative to Develop Community-Based Solutions for Veterans and Military Families

IMLS and FSG announced today the launch of a new initiative, Community-Based Solutions for Veterans and Military Families. Read more

IMLS Announces $2.2 Million for New STEMeX Grant Initiative

IMLS announced $2.2 million in grants through the STEMeX program and presents the four funded projects.
Read more

IMLS Awards $10.5 Million in Sparks and National Leadership Grants

IMLS announced both the library and museum recipients of the National Leadership Grant Programs, as well as the Sparks! Ignition Grants for Libraries program. Read more

2016-2017 Class of National Digital Stewardship Residents Selected

IMLS welcomes the five members of the 2016-2017 class of the National Digital Stewardship Residency (NDSR) program. Read more

$21 Million Awarded to Help Museums Improve Service to Public

IMLS announced the 206 recipients of the Museum for America grant program supporting projects developed by museums to improve public service. Read more

White House Committee Names Five Student Poets for Prestigious National Student Poets Program

The fifth annual class of the National Student Poets Program participated in an appointment ceremony at the White House with First Lady Michelle Obama. Read more

IMLS Now Accepting Museum Grant Applications for FY 2017

IMLS is now accepting applications for four museum grant programs. The application deadline for each of these programs is December 1, 2016. Read more


New Museum Likely to Have a Catalytic Effect On African American Storytelling

One of my earliest memories growing up in Mississippi was of my family moving into a new house, the very home where my parents still live today. Back then, our move was a monumental moment as my parents had worked hard... Read more

Newly Awarded STEMeX Grants to Examine STEM Expert Facilitation of Family Learning in Libraries and Museums

We are pleased to announce four STEMeX awards--the first of their kind for the agency--which fund research on informal educational approaches that make use of the knowledge and skills of community Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) experts...Read more
Libraries and Museums Send a Message to Communities: Sawubona - Catalyzing Communities

At our recent community catalyst town hall meeting, poet Richard Blanco suggested that if you ever get the chance to travel to South Africa, instead of a "hello," you may instead be greeted with the phrase Sawubona (see:ya:wu:bow:nah).  Read more

Museum Grants for 2017: IMLS Announces Four Grant Program Opportunities

Editor's Note: The IMLS Office of Museum Services recently published FY 2017 application guidelines for its grant programs. This introductory blog highlights changes to the grant programs from previous years. Read more

IMLS Funds Support Tribal and Native Hawaiian Museum Services

Did you know IMLS offers a museum grant program specifically for Native American tribes, Alaska native villages and corporations, and organizations that primarily serve and represent Native Hawaiians? ... Read more

FY 2017 National Leadership Grants for Museums: Are you Ready to Take the Lead?

NLG-M is the vehicle by which IMLS meets fieldwide needs. We invest in leaders, institutions and partnerships, that understand the challenges and opportunities facing the field and devise plans to move the field forward....Read more

FY 2017 Museums for America (MFA) Grants: How to choose a Project Category

MFA was launched in 2004, and since then, it has helped museums of every type and size strengthen their abilities to serve their communities, one project at a time...Read more

Connecting African American History and Culture Across the Country

As a resident of Washington, D.C. it's been exciting for me to watch the years of planning and ongoing construction of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture that opened last Saturday, September 24, 2016. It's a stunning...Read more

It's Not Only Cuddling That Children Crave - It's Coding!

The Orem Public Library in Orem, Utah has developed a "Techreation Center" that has proven wildly popular with the community's youth. The center was developed after the library received $27,662 as a subrecipient of Utah State Library's Grants to States... Read more

WebJunction Experience: Blended Learning Strengthens Library Practice

How would you complete this sentence? "I like my online learning to be ____." WebJunction users consistently use adjectives like "relevant," "high-quality," and "convenient" to describe their online learning priorities, and we love to design and deliver resources to meet those needs. 
Read more

"Museums, Libraries and Connected Learning: Emerging models and promising practice," Digital Media and Learning Conference; Helen Wechsler, Supervisory Grants Management Specialist, Office of Museum Services; Tim Carrigan, Senior Program Officer, Office of Library Services; Sarah Fuller, Library Program Officer; Irvine, CA, October 5-7

Silicon Valley Community Foundation's Innovation Conference: Kit Matthew, Director; Ammie Farraj Feijoo, Deputy Director, Digital and Information Strategy; San Francisco, CA, October 9-11

2016 International Conference of Indigenous Archives, Libraries, and Museums, a meeting of the Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums: Kit Matthew, Director; Maura Marx, Deputy Director for Library Services; Robin Dale, Associate Deputy Director for Library Services; Sandy Toro, Senior Library Program Officer; Laura Zamarripa, Museum Program Specialist;  Aly DesRochers, Library Program Specialist; Madison Bolls, Grant Specialist; Chandler (Phoenix), AZ, October 10-12

"Taking it to the Streets: Serving Your Community in Innovative Ways with an IMLS Community Anchors Grant," Southeast Museum Conference:  Steve Shwartzman, Senior Museum Program Officer; Charlotte, NC, October 11

Opportunity Youth Network Summit: Teri DeVoe, Senior Library Program Officer; Washington, DC, October 17-18

Conference on Inclusion and Diversity in Library and Information Science: Teri DeVoe, Sandy Toro, Ashley Sands, Senior Library Program Officers; Emily Reynolds, Program Officer; College Park, MD, October 21

COSLA (Chief Officers of State Library Agencies) 2016 Fall Meeting: Kit Matthew, Director; Ammie Farraj Feijoo, Deputy Director, Digital and Information Strategy; Robin Dale, Associate Deputy Director for Library Services; Minneapolis, MN, October 23-27

Evaluation 2016: Evaluation + Design, a meeting of the American Evaluation Association: Matt Birnbaum, Senior Evaluation Officer; Marisa Pelczar, Program Analyst; Atlanta, GA, October 24-29

Mountain-Plains Museums Association: Chris Reich, Chief Administrator, Office of Museum Services; Oklahoma City, OK, October 24-26

Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group: Emily Reynolds, Library Program Officer; New York, NY, October 26-28

"Community Anchors to Catalysts: Identifying effective ways to engage with your community," Association of Rural and Small Libraries: Kit Matthew, Director; Sandy Toro and Timothy Owens, Senior Library Program Officers; Fargo, ND, October 28
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