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When it comes to Quality, Superior Products, Technical Support & Service.... there is one Plastics Extruder you can rely on!  PRIMEX
Prime Polyolefins
Polyethylene & Polypropylene

Prime Polyolefins are available in FDA, printing, exterior construction and thermoforming grades. Noted for their toughness, durability and chemical resistance our polyolefins are found in a wide variety of consumer and industrial applications.
Polyethylene & Polypropylene

Typical applications include leisure craft, playground equipment, portable toilets, tank liners, food & medical trays, and automotive dunnage.  Polyolefins are also available with talc added where higher heat resistance and stiffness are required.
POLYGRAPH.ics ....... Superior yield in the polyolefin print industry.
Many consumers like the softer feel of POLYGRAPH.ics die cut edges while enjoying the great looks achieved on a variety of surface finishes.

POLYGRAPH.ics E is known as the best lay flat, square cut, cleanest polyethylene material for the print industry.

POLYGRAPH.ics P is a polypropylene material routinely chosen for superior yield, recycling characteristics, and its reduction in energy consumption in production and transportation.

POLYGRAPH.ics P Clear is a clear polypropylene which adds a "clear" advantage in product yield, material composition, and recyclability for those looking to replace other clear materials.





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