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PRIME BUBBLE-X BOARD for Printing and Containers
Primex Plastics Corporation, the leader in custom extruded plastic sheet and roll products for thermoforming, fabrication and printing, has announced the release of its Prime Bubble-X™, a unique air-bubble co-extruded polypropylene board designed with a print-friendly matte surface on both sides. This innovative technology provides printers and retailers with a lightweight substrate that is strong, extremely rigid, moisture and chemical resistant for use both indoors and in extreme outdoor weather conditions.
Bubble-X is ideal for point of purchase displays, signs, mail totes, sleeve packs and other types of containers which require high strength to weight ratios and enhanced printability when compared to corrugated plastic and paper boards. Bubble-X is made from 100 percent recyclable polypropylene through Primex's exclusive extrusion process and comes in a variety of colors, gauges from three to five millimeters and widths up to 60 inches.
"Our multi-layer sheet extrusion process allows us to tailor the sheet properties based on the end user's needs," said Dan Purpura, process development engineering manager for Primex Plastics. Additional properties and characteristics can be added during production to meet customer specifications.

   Light Weight
   Resists FR & Chemical Agents
   Easy to Handle
   Matte Finish
   100% Recyclable
   Easy Conversion
   Bi-directional construction
   Eco Friendly
                                                     No VOCs when burning
Indoor/Outdoor Signage
Real Estate & Political Signs
Point of Purchase Displays
Totes, Boxes, Shipping Containers
Outdoor Store Displays
Screen Printing
Digital Printing

Die Cutting
Laser Cutting
Sonic Welding.
About Primex Plastics Corporation
Primex Plastics is the largest extruder of custom polystyrene sheet in the industry, ranging from monolayer sheet to tri-layer co-extrusion. Primex also extrudes many polyethylene resins, polypropylene, ABS, TPOs, TPEs and PETG.
Primex is a subsidiary of ICC Industries Inc. In addition to its extrusion business, Primex is the parent company of Primex Design & Fabrication and Primex Color, Compounding & Additives.
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