Come, Ye Thankful People, Come

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and just days later, we will enter the season of Advent.  As we give thanks for the people and activities that fill our days, take a moment to read about all that is going on at New Song.  Get out your calendar and make note of the opportunities for worship, mission, children's events and more that lie ahead.
Look at all that God has provided!
See you soon!
Thanksgiving Prayer

Almighty and Everlasting God,

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, help us to cherish a few moments to quietly reflect on our true blessings.

May the upcoming holiday, O God, be a time of coming together. The coming together of children and grandchildren and siblings, cousins and in-laws and out-laws, and the other side of the family, friends brought home by returning students, neighbors invited to come on over, familiar and unfamiliar faces intermingled in gratitude.

If our plans, O God, involve travel, may we travel in peace; may we travel with abundant generosity. May we be grateful for conversations, full of fresh ideas and yet full of old memories.

May we be grateful for turkey leftovers; for football games, whether on television or on the front lawn; for silent walks and quiet talks, for shuffling through dried leaves from now-barren trees.

May we spend a few special moments remembering those whose souls have left us this year, those souls that have left us to soar beyond our realm of comprehension and may we feel their spirits settle now at home in our hearts.

And, Lord God, may we continue to worship you, grateful for the love of those who are among us and for the Christ who walks beside us.


Priming the Pump
...a slip of the tongue...

The wrong word spoken at the wrong time, can damage a person's self-image, or alter a person's world view.  And since the wrong word can have disastrous consequences, I try to choose my words carefully.  

But I'm not always successful.  Sometimes the wrong words slip out and I unintentionally say things I shouldn't.  I know better; especially when it comes to speaking with little girls.  

Unfortunately, I recently had a slip of the tongue when speaking to a little girl in our congregation.  I called her "Pretty Girl" rather than using her actual name.  Now granted, her parents frequently call her "pretty girl," but such nicknames should be reserved for family.

If we want to be a supportive, encouraging, nurturing congregation, then we need to all focus on more important issues than a little girl's looks.  They hear our words, they learn from our comments.  It matters how we talk to them!

We can ask them about their school, their friends, or their favorite games.  We can compliment them on how helpful they are, how much they've grown, or how well they speak, sing, or read.  

But a little girl's looks should be considered "off limits."  You see, little girls are too precious to feel that their primary worth is to be found in their cuteness.  They are better than that...and so are we.

No water today...just priming the pump...

New Song Calendar of Worship & Events
Gateway 180 -  Sandwich Making
Thanksgiving Worship
Sole Hope & Chili / Soup Cook Off
Worship - 1st Week of Advent -
Taking Hope Personally
Preparing the Sanctuary for Advent
Worship - 2nd Week of Advent -
Taking Peace Personally
Children's Birthday Party for Jesus
Christmas Party
@ Bob & Susan McMillan's
Children's Rehearsal
Worship - 3rd Week of Advent -
Taking Joy Personally
Children's Christmas Program
Reception - Everyone bring Cookies!
Worship - 4th Week of Advent -
Taking Love Personally
Gateway 180 -  Sandwich Making
Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion
(No Child Care Provided)
Worship in a Barn
@ Pam & Michael Jennings'

Check Out These Great Mission Opportunities!

Sandwich Saturday 
for Gateway 180

THIS Saturday, November 14 

Plan to stay after worship to help make meals for hungry people in the city.  And don't forget to bring the food or supplies you signed up to provide! This is a family-friendly mission event. Children are welcome to participate!

ALSO: Sandwich Drivers Needed!
Interested in seeing where the brown bags go after we pack them up? We are looking for volunteers to do "sandwich runs" to Gateway 180! We pack them up on Sandwich Saturdays and you'd take them to the shelter by 11am the next day. Here are the next few Sundays we need delivery:  Nov 15, Dec 20, Jan 17.  Contact Jenny if you can make a sandwich run!

Our November 21 
Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party is Coming Up Soon!

Make plans to attend and bring the following supplies:

(bring whatever you can)
-blue jeans and other denim fabric (Goodwill, anyone?)
-fabric  scissors
-regular scissors
-large safety pins
-gallon Ziploc bags
-black sharpie markers
-clean, empty plastic bottles (milk jugs, 2 liter soda bottles, thin plastic folders, laundry detergent bottles)

-$10 donation (don't have it? Come anyway!)

And  . . . that same evening, bring a crock of your favorite soup or chili for the cook-off!  There's going to be a prize!
What's Coming Up In Worship
November Worship
November 14 Rex's sermon will examine King Herod, and consider the possible limitations of God's forgiveness.  

November 21 Our worship will view gratitude as the key that unlocks the gate to the kingdom of God.   

Advent:  Our Path To Christmas

Beginning the Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 28, the church enters the season of Advent.  This year, we're challenged to approach and to accept Christmas on an intensely personal level.  To symbolically personalize our journey, we are all invited to bring an ornament and place it on the New Song Christmas tree prior to worship. Let's watch as our tree fills each week, symbolizing how many of us are Taking Christmas Personally
Your  ornament is just a "loan" so please take your ornament home after the Christmas Eve worship service.  
Advent & Christmas Worship 
November 28 Take Hope Personally!  We'll decorate the Chapel for Christmas amidst scripture, readings, lighting of the advent wreath, Christmas Carols, and a special children's sermon.  

December 5 Take Peace Personally!   We'll each light a candle for peace during this worship service, and the Songbirds will present a special song.

December 12 Take Joy Personally!  This joyous celebration will feature the children in our Annual Christmas Pageant. Following worship, everyone is invited to a Cookie Reception to honor our kids.

December 19 Take Love Personally!  This is Christmas Saturday, the Sabbath where we respond to the love of God that was shown to us in the birth of Jesus.   Those wishing to embrace that love, by committing themselves to service through New Song Church are encouraged to unite with our congregation at that time.  

Christmas Eve   Take Jesus Personally!  This is the most holy night of the year, the night when everything else must be set aside, so that we might all worship and celebrate the birth of Christ. Candlelight communion begins at 7pm.

December 26   Christmas Worship in a Barn!  We will celebrate the birth of the Christ Child at a special worship service in a stable (barn) at the Jennings' farm.  Plan to arrive before the 5:00 start time in order to park and walk to the stable.  Please note the change in time and place on your calendars now!  

Children's Ministry Notes

Children's Christmas Program
December 12 during worship
Practice before worship 4pm

Children of all ages are invited to be a part of the Children's Christmas Program. We'll need plenty of angels, shepherds, wise men, stars, and of course, Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus to tell the story. This is an informal program during the first part of worship that promises to bring Christmas cheer to all! There will be a practice at 4:00pm on December 12 in the chapel with snacks between practice and worship. Parents of children 3 and under, please stay with your children during the practice.

**Parents--we need a few helpers to put costumes on the children prior to worship. If you can help, please let Pam know. Thanks!

Christmas Cookie Reception
Following Worship on December 12

It's become a fun tradition to have a cookie reception after worship the night of the Christmas Program!  It is a great way to thank our kids and visit with each other before Christmas. If you have extra cookies to share, please drop them off at the table in the foyer prior to worship. Thanks!

New Song Family Matters
Mark Your Calendars!
Our annual New Song Christmas party will be on December 11 at 7:00 pm at the home of Bob & Susan McMillan.  This festive event will be a party food potluck and EVERYONE is welcome!
Welcome to the Newest Songbird!
Elliana Saige Hardin was born on October 2. What a gift she was to Daddy Rob Hardin, Jr. and Mommy Bree Hardin--she was born on both parents' birthdays! Grandpa Rob Hardin says she is wonderful. We can't wait to meet baby Ellie!

Our Sympathy
We extend our sympathy to John and Lauren Scott on the recent death of Lauren's grandfather.  
Kate Boyd's Baptism & Faith
This past summer, Kate Boyd made her statement of faith and was baptized.  Many of us attended and celebrated with her on her faith journey. Last week, Kate read her personal belief statement in worship.  Great job, Kate!  

Attention Singers and Instrumentalists!
Advent is a time for carols and other seasonal music as we make our way to Christmas! If you have suggestions for special music and/or would like to participate this season in providing music for worship , please contact Sally Boyd at or 314) 954-2582 .

New Song Church, 13014 Olive Blvd, Creve Coeur, MO 63141