Priming the Pump

...Conestoga Wagons...

Back when settlers were attempting to "tame the wild west," many travelers on their way along the Oregon Trail, used a type of covered wagon called the Conestoga wagon.

One of the main features of the Conestoga was a heavy bar that hung from the rear of the wagon. This seemingly unimportant bar, which drug in the dirt, was actually an elaborate safety device.

If the horses became tired while pulling the wagon uphill, the bar would act like an emergency brake by preventing the wagon from slipping backward. The bar, which was usually ignored, was always present...always prepared to hold the wagon safely in place...whenever the need arose.

There are times in life, when our faith might feel like a burden--like a heavy burden that had been attached to us in our past, but that was less than vital for our existence.

But there are other times, when near exhaustion causes us to slip or falter, and we are gratefully reminded of an ever present God (a God we may have been ignoring) who is already positioned to safely and tenderly prevent our backward slide.

No water today...just priming the pump...


Lenten Sermon Series

Between now and Easter, Rex will be preaching a sermon series titled "Just As I Am." The purpose of these sermons is to help us each, individually, better understand our relationship with God...and with the world. The sermon titles and scriptures are listed below, so we can read the Biblical passages prior to weekly worship.

3/04 Just As I Am: Maker
Genesis 1:26-27

3/11 Just As I Am: Fallen
Genesis 3:1-13

3/18 Just As I Am: Destroyer
Genesis 4:1-16

3/25 Just As I Am: Afraid
Exodus 3:7-8
Luke 2:8-14

4/1 Just As I Am: Tired
1 Kings 19:1-8

4/8 Palm Saturday
Just As I Am: Servant
Matthew 21:1-12

4/13 Maundy Thursday
Just As I Am: Welcome

4/16 Easter
Just As I Am...Neither Empty Nor Afraid
Mark 11:11-14
April 8th is Holy Cross's Church Work Day--let's pitch in! 

Meet up at church around 9am for a morning of volunteerism to show our gratitude to the Holy Cross community for the use of the chapel! 

We'll work in our garden spot and also help with other assignments on the church property. 

We'd really like to have a good turnout for this--it's a really great way to say "thanks" to Holy Cross! Let Sally or Michael know if you will be attending by contacting them at or
New Song Kids Fight Hunger

Youth and children learned about hunger at SuperSaturday on March 4th and they want to do something about it! Please note the following dates and help support our youth as they work for others.

March 15 4:00 Volunteer at the St. Louis Food Bank

March 18 after worship help fill bags to be sent to Gateway 180

April 1 New Song Youth Bake Sale with the proceeds going to help those in need of food. The Youth ask that members of the congregation donate items for their bake sale on April 1st. Thanks!
Last week we collected $87 dollars in cash and $100 dollars worth of gift cards, plus five laundry baskets and tarps to be delivered to Perryville residents in need. Thank you so much for your generosity!