...powerful, though borrowed words...

I have kept this statement at arm's length for quite some time, but doubt I'll ever have an opportunity to share it...except here in this month's "pump." Please spend a little time contemplating it's message...I think you will find it worthy of your time.

Psychology, even that of my own shadow-side, is still a downstairs maid in the human household. True, the kitchen, pantry, laundry, plumbing, heat, and fuse boxes are all downstairs, as are most explosions!

Theology, no longer queen, or even mistress in the human house, is an upstairs maid who works for order and meaning, and Ethics is her bound-partner whose taste and style give the place its character.

Sociology, the outside gardener, can keep the place from the sewer's attrition, while true Religion is the chief steward who brings grace and communion at table.

But all these are in the service of the house-keeper, Man, who is agent for the sometimes absentee owner, God Almighty, who also sometimes, indeed, still comes to the table for supper.

No water today...just priming the pump,

Looking for Lazarus (L4L)

We're beginning a new mission project called "Looking for Lazarus." Briefly put, this project will help us collect and distribute hygiene items and packages of food to homeless or transient people.

Collect necessary items
Bring items to church each week
Assemble blessing bags on November 18
Keep a bag in each of our cars
Present a blessing bag to any person in need we encounter.

Outer Wear
Heat packs
Sock hats

Snacks (easy open!)
Bottled Water
Pudding cups
Peanut butter
Granola Bar
Fruit snack
Applesauce cups
Plastic utensils
Tuna pouches

Hand wipes
Maxi pads
Nail clippers
Band Aids
Chap stick
Comb or small brush
Cough drops

Even Greater Tater Bar
November 18
Everyone is invited to savor the flavors of New Song's Even Greater Tater Bar following worship. Sign up soon to provide such wonderful condiments as: butter, sour cream, chili, onions, chives, cheese and bacon. This will be the kick-off to our L4L mission effort.
Food Outreach Grocery Clerks
November 21

Join us as we hand out groceries to those struggling with HIV/Aids or cancer. This is easy work, yet a great service!            email rexkloy@gmail.com to sign up

Adam and Kristina 
are engaged!

Congratulations, you two!

Save the Date!

Nov 17

more details on the way...