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Processing Speed and Growing Brains

Primitive Reflexes: How do I know what I know? 

In a support call with a new Brain Advancement Coach, I was asked how I came up with my reflex exercises. I did not create them myself - I was taught them about 18 years ago by Dr. Sam Berne, a Behavioral Optometrist from New Mexico ( https://www.drsamberne.com/). I had been working with an occupational therapist at the time who had wonderful success using his exercises, so when a professional development opportunity presented itself, I went. A year later, I went out west to study with him for a week, and eventually I asked if I could create a DVD using them and permission was granted. Hence, the creation of Maintaining Brains Everyday ( http://www.pyramidofpotential.com/maintaining-brains/) which I was told by a cognitive training specialist was the least expensive primitive reflex exercise product she has been able to find. Our philosophy at Pyramid of Potential is that this is the foundation for learning, these exercises go back to retrain what was missing in infancy, and that this information should be accessible to anyone anywhere. We have the video available in download so that it is available outside the US at the click of a button as well. The videos were priced according to what people can actually pay - $35 for a DVD or flash drive; $20 for the download.
When I began working with kids, I thought all OTs knew about how to integrate primitive reflexes. As an educator, I didn't always have the confidence to work with families on reflexes. I concentrated on brain training. I had the parents take their children to OT before we began brain training, especially to overcome anxiety that came with a retained Moro Reflex. But the children finished OT and came for the brain training without it being integrated, so I found I had to give them the exercises anyway. I didn't know that in the early 2000's, most OTs and PTs had not learned the integration piece. Once I realized it, I knew I had to teach primitive reflexes.
Do you want to learn more? Here are some resources:
"The Best Moro Reflex Exercise":   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQ4K9sw7by8
For the Moro Reflex Exercise: https://www.youtube.com/c/starfish4anxiety
Professional development (and for others too!)
https://catalog.pesi.com/item/37791 Live Webcast March 14
https://catalog.pesi.com/item/38454 Live Webcast April 11

I have yet to see a more effective brain exercise system that is so inexpensive. About 90% of the people of all ages that I have worked with see improvements in anxiety, sensory hypersensitivity, attention, memory or behavior/maturation within 3 to 4 weeks. It is not a silver bullet, and other therapy may be needed. Usually reflex integration combined with other therapy results in faster and deeper improvements, as well as a lasting effect.
My students, clients, and even myself are proof of that. Have you tried it for yourself?



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